Day Planner: Thursday, July 24th, 2014

July 24th, 2014 at 6:38 am by under Weather

High pressure moves southward today and anchors itself over the state of NM.  This will lead to drier, sunnier and hotter skies of the next few days.  A few spot storms will remain possible at higher terrain and in parts of SW CO, but overall, moisture will be limited. Today will be mostly sunny to partly cloudy with highs near 93°.  Tonight, mostly clear and comfy, lows near 71°.

Dry & Hot For Now…But…

July 23rd, 2014 at 10:14 pm by under Weather

High-pressure nudging back into the state resulted in far fewer thunderstorms across the area today. We did have one strong storm roll into Algodones and lead to some flooding. 1.06 inches of rain fell as the storm pushed through in the late afternoon hours. The results were flooded homes across the area north of Albuquerque.

There will be even fewer storms for New Mexico tomorrow. But that shot for any rain will be in the Northwest plateau in southwestern Colorado. Friday also looks like a pretty dry day before changes over the weekend.

Yet another backdoor cold front will move in late Saturday into Sunday. This will result in more storms late in the weekend and throughout next week. So although we’re going to be dry and warm over the next couple of days the next seven days actually look fairly wet. Below is the projected rainfall for the state for the next week.
Long Range

Drying Out Before More Moisture

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More storms are expected this afternoon and evening with the best chance being central and west. Areas along and west of the Continental Divide will have best shot at storm develop this afternoon. However, the central mountain chain will also see it’s fair share of storms as well. With high pressure sitting to the north, any storms that develop over the mountains will drift westward. In Albuquerque, watch storms over the Sandias to drift into the metro. In Santa Fe, keep your eye on the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

As the high begins to shift south Thursday, the storm chances will shift to the northwest and Northern Mountains. The state continues to dry out during the day Friday. By the weekend, the high shifts back to the west, allowing the door to open for fronts to enter the northeast. The first front Friday night makes little progress across the northeast. A second front pushes farther into the state Saturday night. Another front pushes in Sunday night. With these reinforcing shots of moisture, storm development northeast, east central, and in the Northern Mountains will increase. Some moisture could push it’s way into Albuquerque and Santa Fe along with a gusty east wind.

With high pressure sitting to the north, storms firing over the mountains will drift east today.

With high pressure sitting to the north, storms firing over the mountains will drift east today.

Day Planner: Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

July 23rd, 2014 at 6:30 am by under Weather

It’s going to be another hot day! It was a warm start with temperatures in the 70s very early and we’re expected to climb well into the 90s again today. We’ll also see a good chance for scattered showers and storms, with local heavy rainfall possible.  The northern and western portions of the state will host slightly more favorable conditions for rain and storms today.  Today, partly cloudy, highs near 97°, isol’d storms. Tonight, mostly cloudy, leftover storms, lows near 70°.

A Little Moisture, Then Dry

July 22nd, 2014 at 11:49 am by under Weather

Expect slightly better coverage of showers and storms this afternoon. The high that’s been limiting storm production the past several days will slide in Colorado. This will allow the moisture door to crack open from the south. The higher terrain will continue to be the favored areas for storm development. We continue to see some moisture find it’s way into the state Wednesday.

Thursday the high slides back into New Mexico. This will cut off our moisture tap, causing storm coverage to decrease. Storms that develop will do so from what little moisture that’s left over from the previous days. By Friday and the weekend only isolated storms will be possible, primarily over the higher terrain. With drier air in place, temperatures will warm up into the weekend as well.

The high shifts back into Arizona early next week. This will get us back into a pattern where back door cold fronts are able to enter the state. As we’ve seen in recent weeks, these cold fronts will charge the atmosphere with plenty of moisture to allow for scattered heavy rain. As we approach late July, still no sign of the traditional monsoon setup.

Better storm chances across the central mountain chain and east where there's more moisture.

Better storm chances across the central mountain chain and east where there’s more moisture.