Widespread Rain from Odile

September 17th, 2014 at 6:09 am by under Weather

The weather the rest of the week will be dominated by what is now Tropical Storm Odile. Southerly moisture will continue to be streamed into southern New Mexico ahead of Odile today. Expect the persistent steady rainfall to continue for much of the south. Some of those showers will creep into the Albuquerque metro area throughout the day.

Thursday, Odile crosses New Mexico. Showers will expand to include northern New Mexico. Some pockets of heavier rainfall will still be possible with flash flooding remaining a concern. Friday, Odile exits to the north and east. Most of the widespread showers will focus across the eastern plains.

Over the weekend, the weather will stay active as a back door cold front pushes in. Expect scattered showers and storms, especially during the day Saturday. As the front washes out, storm coverage will decrease for Sunday and early next week.

Progress of the remnants of Odile over the next 3 days.

Progress of the remnants of Odile over the next 3 days.

More Rain Ahead…

September 16th, 2014 at 9:33 pm by under Weather

So far our very wet weather pattern is unfolding to plan. The southern portion of the state saw most of the rain today and that will be the case again on Wednesday. For I-40 southward widespread storms will soak the area and possibly lead to flooding. Here in the Albuquerque area a few storms will be a possibility but our chance really comes on Thursday.

The core of what was once hurricane Odile will continue to lift into the state on Thursday. This will lead to widespread rain and the possibility of flooding. Most model estimates have rain amounts 3+ inches of the Southwest and over an inch here in Albuquerque. By Friday Odile will be exiting the state favoring the east with some storms. Below is a look at the total rainfall estimate from the Canadian model. As you can tell the numbers are big.

The Weather Stays Active!

September 16th, 2014 at 5:41 am by under Weather

An ideal setup will allow for widespread showers and storms across the west. Our cold front has now pushed to the continental divide. In addition, Tropical Storm Odile is helping push up moisture as it passes south and west of the state. Flash flood watches are in place across the southwest.

Late Wednesday through Friday, the remnants of Odile will cross through the state. This will lead to more showers and storms. It could also lead to more flash flooding due to the prolonged rainfall across the state.

Storm coverage will back off some over the weekend, but it will take a few days for the weather to completely quiet down across the state.

Southwest New Mexico will see the most rainfall over the next 5 days.

Southwest New Mexico will see the most rainfall over the next 5 days.

Very Wet Days Ahead…

September 15th, 2014 at 9:45 pm by under Weather

It is with part excitement and part concern that we bring you this forecast Monday night. The remnants of hurricane Odile work their way into New Mexico over the next couple of days. This will lead to much needed rain over central and western New Mexico but it will also likely lead to some damage and flooding. Current model estimates for possible rainfall numbers sit at 3 to 5 inches across the southwest portion of the state.

Here in the Albuquerque metro area were likely to see significant especially on Thursday. But before we get there will get scattered showers on Tuesday and Wednesday.

As the remnants of this tropical system kicks through late in the workweek the chance for rain looks significant in all areas. But it this point western and central sections appear to be most under the gun. Take a look at the model estimates for precip through Friday.  Widespread areas of 3″ are very clear.  Stay tuned!

Cold Fronts and Hurricanes

September 15th, 2014 at 6:14 am by under Weather

A cold front will move into eastern New Mexico today. This will help fire storms in areas east of the central mountain chain. As the front continues westward through the state, breezy conditions will develop in the Albuquerque metro area tonight. Expect more storms across central and western New Mexico Tuesday.

Hurricane Odile is making landfall this morning in Baja California. Maximum sustained winds are currently topping 115 mph. This storm will continue to ride up the coast toward Southern California, then turn into Arizona. The remnants of the storm will arrive in New Mexico late this week and into the weekend. The storm will not be near as strong as it is now, but will provide more moisture to enhance showers and storms.

Hurricane Odile could impact our weather late this week.

Hurricane Odile could impact our weather late this week.

Spot storms possible in Albuquerque this afternoon with elevated winds tonight.

Spot storms possible in Albuquerque this afternoon with elevated winds tonight.