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Free immunization in Taos for children

July 25th, 2014 at 3:29 pm by under Live Events

The New Mexico Department of Health’s Taos Public Health Office will be hosting a back to school immunization clinic on Saturday, August 2, 2014, from 12 noon to 4 pm at Wal-Mart, 926 Paseo del Pueblo Sur, Taos, NM.

The immunization clinic is open to the public and immunizations will be administered at no cost. All parents have to do is bring a copy of their child’s shot record and Medicaid or private health insurance card if they have one.

Additional hours for vaccinations will be available at the Taos Public Health Office, 1400 Weimer Road (across from Holy Cross Hospital) August 4-August 15 from 10:00am to 6:00pm.

No appointments are needed; please bring vaccine records and insurance information.

For more information on the no-charge immunization clinic, call the Taos Public Health Office at (575) 758-4719.


Bus shelters diversity art exhibit

July 25th, 2014 at 3:23 pm by under Live Events
Art in Transit Portraits

The Art in Transit Portraits that will be featured at the bus stations.

Next week, 15 bus shelters in the International District will feature striking portraits of International District residents; people for the most part wrapped in gauzy tulle fabric, smiling and posing.

The display is part of ID Live!, a free weekend event by Littleglobe to showcase the various art projects produced by the organization.

“Our Department is piloting a program in which bus shelter display space is filled with artwork that reflects Albuquerque’s diverse neighborhoods,” said Bruce Rizzieri, Director of ABQ RIDE.

Art in Transit’s first bus shelter exhibit is in partnership with Littleglobe, an organization dedicated to re-energizing the International District through art and community engagement.

After the unveiling at the bus shelter, other portraits will be available for viewing at the nearby Sundowner Community Room at 6101 Central NE.

These photographs will be on display at the Sundowner through 6 p.m., Sunday, July 27. They will also remain in the bus shelters through fall, 2014.


Blog: ABQ City Council Meeting Protest

May 5th, 2014 at 6:51 pm by under Latest Posts, Live Events

Protestors have shutdown the Albuquerque city council meeting.

KRQE News 13 reporter @ChrisMcKeeTV is there with updates: ((Most recent updates first)

Live Blog: APD briefing on officer-involved shooting

April 23rd, 2014 at 10:50 am by under Latest Posts, Live Events

APD is holding a news conference with updates on Monday’s officer-involved shooting where a suspected car thief was killed. Reporters Chris McKee, Lysee Mitri and Cole Miller are at the event.

  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: Here’s a APD’s photo of the gun found next to Hawkes at the APD crime
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: News conference is over…
  • RT @krqecole: Eden says department notified DOJ yesterday about shooting, will turn over information related to investigation
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden: We did notify DOJ that we had an officer-involved shooting.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden unable to answer some questions, stressing this is still an active investigation
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Officer Dear was on scene in 2011 when Sean Wallace shot and killed Alan Gomez, but police say this is first time Dear has shot a suspect.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden: We did confirm yesterday this is Officer Dear’s first officer-involved shooting.
  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: Says the preliminary evidence comes from detectives who interviewed various players at the scene.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden: In the past, we have had to send cameras back to the manufacturer to try to recover video.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden says he doesn’t know of the proximity of those other officers to the shooting.
  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: Eden says “preliminary evidence” indicates that Hawkes pointed a gun at Officer Dear. Won’t say if that’s Officer Dear’s statement
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden says APD does have some video from other officers’ lapel. Other officers were “in the area.”
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden will not say if Officer Dear turned on his lapel camera, only that APD could not recover it and it has been sent to experts
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden does not want to talk about Officer Dear’s past. He says that would be a personnel issue.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden: We have to separate out the officer-involved shooting and the information that will go to internal affairs (re: Officer Dear)
  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: Eden won’t say if anyone else has witnessed the actual shooting.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden would not answer if anyone else besides Dear saw the shooting take place.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden: At this time I have no indication that a rifle was used in this officer-involved shooting.
  • RT @krqecole: Eden says Ofc. Dear’s lapel cam is being sent in for a “technical and forensic analysis,” unable to recover video
  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: Eden: “we were not able to recover any video or film from officer Dear’s lapel camera” –sent away to manufacturer to try to recover.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden: We were not able to recover any video from Officer Dear’s system… sent it to experts for technical and forensic analysis
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden is showing a gun similar to the one APD says they found near Hawkes’ body.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden: On scene supervisors and officers provide prelim information. No lapel video available yet. It is being reviewed.
  • RT @krqecole: Eden says and shows a small handgun similar to the one located near Hawkes’ body
  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: Eden: gun located next to Hawkes.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden: An officer saw Hawkes and tried to talk to her when she ran
  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: Officers made perimeter around trailer park, Hawkes ran from park towards Wyoming And Zuni
  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: Truck found abandoned short time after plate was run. Found Hawkes belongings in truck, confirmed it was her.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden providing short summary based on prelim info by detectives working case: An officer saw stolen truck at 3 a.m., then lost sight of it
  • RT @krqecole#apd presser beginning on Mary Hawkes shooting
  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: Eden says early April 21st, 3am, Hawkes spotted driving stolen pick up truck.

Live Blog: ABQ City Council meeting

April 7th, 2014 at 5:17 pm by under Latest Posts, Live Events

The Albuquerque City Council meeting regarding the controversy surrounding APD is underway. @ChrisMcKeeTV is live tweeting from there.

  • The crowd has thinned out but public comment continues. This meeting started at
  • Councilor Diane Gibson: “We are listening” — urges crowd to calm down as lots of people are boo’ing, overpowering APD supporters speaking
  • Another APD supporter speaking, Says there are “more honorable officers than not.”
  • Elaine Duran speaking now about support for APD — “we strongly oppose any task force demands.” Garners loud boos from audience.
  • Ellis: “We’ve got a unique opportunity here,” Ellis also acknowledges the DOJ findings will come down on Thursday
  • Kenneth Ellis is now speaking, “we’re all in this together.” “It’s very disturbing to me its taken 4 years of me coming & speaking with you”
  • Man now presenting his support for APD, “I’ve been pulled over by APD and I’m still alive.” Blames NM’s “weak criminal justice system”
  • Speaker puts up image showing his dissatisfaction of Mayor Berry. “The buck stops at the mayor’s desk.”
  • Same person who live streamed APD protest last weekend, Thomas Dixon also live streaming council meeting.
  • At least one person in meeting continuously holding up “I support APD” sign.
  • Four public “presentations” have now finished. Councilors now questioning presenters, then official “public comment” will start.
  • Now speaking: Ralph Arellanes, director of New Mexico LULAC now speaking, making several demands from police oversight task force.
  • @KatherineKRQE will have a live report from council chambers in a couple minutes on @krqeat 5:30. More than 100 have signed up to comment
  • Nicole Moreland speaking now, sister in law of Christopher Torres who was killed in APD shooting years ago. Slammed several city officials.
  • Mayor RJ Berry is not here at tonight’s city council meeting, many in crowd boo’ed at the announcement.
  • ABQ city council has begun. Full house w/ many expected to speak about James Boyd shooting & APD