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Blog: ABQ City Council Meeting Protest

May 5th, 2014 at 6:51 pm by under Latest Posts, Live Events

Protestors have shutdown the Albuquerque city council meeting.

KRQE News 13 reporter @ChrisMcKeeTV is there with updates: ((Most recent updates first)

Live Blog: APD briefing on officer-involved shooting

April 23rd, 2014 at 10:50 am by under Latest Posts, Live Events

APD is holding a news conference with updates on Monday’s officer-involved shooting where a suspected car thief was killed. Reporters Chris McKee, Lysee Mitri and Cole Miller are at the event.

  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: Here’s a APD’s photo of the gun found next to Hawkes at the APD crime
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: News conference is over…
  • RT @krqecole: Eden says department notified DOJ yesterday about shooting, will turn over information related to investigation
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden: We did notify DOJ that we had an officer-involved shooting.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden unable to answer some questions, stressing this is still an active investigation
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Officer Dear was on scene in 2011 when Sean Wallace shot and killed Alan Gomez, but police say this is first time Dear has shot a suspect.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden: We did confirm yesterday this is Officer Dear’s first officer-involved shooting.
  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: Says the preliminary evidence comes from detectives who interviewed various players at the scene.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden: In the past, we have had to send cameras back to the manufacturer to try to recover video.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden says he doesn’t know of the proximity of those other officers to the shooting.
  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: Eden says “preliminary evidence” indicates that Hawkes pointed a gun at Officer Dear. Won’t say if that’s Officer Dear’s statement
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden says APD does have some video from other officers’ lapel. Other officers were “in the area.”
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden will not say if Officer Dear turned on his lapel camera, only that APD could not recover it and it has been sent to experts
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden does not want to talk about Officer Dear’s past. He says that would be a personnel issue.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden: We have to separate out the officer-involved shooting and the information that will go to internal affairs (re: Officer Dear)
  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: Eden won’t say if anyone else has witnessed the actual shooting.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden would not answer if anyone else besides Dear saw the shooting take place.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden: At this time I have no indication that a rifle was used in this officer-involved shooting.
  • RT @krqecole: Eden says Ofc. Dear’s lapel cam is being sent in for a “technical and forensic analysis,” unable to recover video
  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: Eden: “we were not able to recover any video or film from officer Dear’s lapel camera” –sent away to manufacturer to try to recover.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden: We were not able to recover any video from Officer Dear’s system… sent it to experts for technical and forensic analysis
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden is showing a gun similar to the one APD says they found near Hawkes’ body.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden: On scene supervisors and officers provide prelim information. No lapel video available yet. It is being reviewed.
  • RT @krqecole: Eden says and shows a small handgun similar to the one located near Hawkes’ body
  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: Eden: gun located next to Hawkes.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden: An officer saw Hawkes and tried to talk to her when she ran
  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: Officers made perimeter around trailer park, Hawkes ran from park towards Wyoming And Zuni
  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: Truck found abandoned short time after plate was run. Found Hawkes belongings in truck, confirmed it was her.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Eden providing short summary based on prelim info by detectives working case: An officer saw stolen truck at 3 a.m., then lost sight of it
  • RT @krqecole#apd presser beginning on Mary Hawkes shooting
  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: Eden says early April 21st, 3am, Hawkes spotted driving stolen pick up truck.

Live Blog: ABQ City Council meeting

April 7th, 2014 at 5:17 pm by under Latest Posts, Live Events

The Albuquerque City Council meeting regarding the controversy surrounding APD is underway. @ChrisMcKeeTV is live tweeting from there.

  • The crowd has thinned out but public comment continues. This meeting started at
  • Councilor Diane Gibson: “We are listening” — urges crowd to calm down as lots of people are boo’ing, overpowering APD supporters speaking
  • Another APD supporter speaking, Says there are “more honorable officers than not.”
  • Elaine Duran speaking now about support for APD — “we strongly oppose any task force demands.” Garners loud boos from audience.
  • Ellis: “We’ve got a unique opportunity here,” Ellis also acknowledges the DOJ findings will come down on Thursday
  • Kenneth Ellis is now speaking, “we’re all in this together.” “It’s very disturbing to me its taken 4 years of me coming & speaking with you”
  • Man now presenting his support for APD, “I’ve been pulled over by APD and I’m still alive.” Blames NM’s “weak criminal justice system”
  • Speaker puts up image showing his dissatisfaction of Mayor Berry. “The buck stops at the mayor’s desk.”
  • Same person who live streamed APD protest last weekend, Thomas Dixon also live streaming council meeting.
  • At least one person in meeting continuously holding up “I support APD” sign.
  • Four public “presentations” have now finished. Councilors now questioning presenters, then official “public comment” will start.
  • Now speaking: Ralph Arellanes, director of New Mexico LULAC now speaking, making several demands from police oversight task force.
  • @KatherineKRQE will have a live report from council chambers in a couple minutes on @krqeat 5:30. More than 100 have signed up to comment
  • Nicole Moreland speaking now, sister in law of Christopher Torres who was killed in APD shooting years ago. Slammed several city officials.
  • Mayor RJ Berry is not here at tonight’s city council meeting, many in crowd boo’ed at the announcement.
  • ABQ city council has begun. Full house w/ many expected to speak about James Boyd shooting & APD

Support APD Rally

April 6th, 2014 at 12:44 pm by under Latest Posts, Live Events

A protest in support of the Albuquerque Police Department is underway.

KRQE News 13 reporter @KatherineKRQE is there with updates. (Most recent updates first)

Live Blog: Mayor, APD Chief host DOJ press conference

April 2nd, 2014 at 3:46 pm by under Latest Posts, Live Events

Live blog following Twitter posts from @ChrisMcKeeTV, @katiekim, @tinajensonKRQE and @cjproctor74 at the Mayor and APD conference regarding the DOJ investigation.

  • We’ll have more on the Mayor’s requests on @krqe at 5:30.
  • Press conference has just ended. Chief Eden now speaking to reporters about the Mayor’s letter to DOJ.
  • @ChrisMcKeeTV asks Mayor why Torres, Ellis shootings weren’t game-changers.
  • Mayor asking for 100% of APD officers to undergo crisis intervention training. Says right now about 27% of officers have it.
  • Third and final page of Mayor Berry’s letter to the DOJ
  • #apd will hire one more deputy chief, bringing total to 4, to oversee DOJ findings, supervise internal affairs and training #abq
  • Page two of Mayor Berry’s letter to
  • Mayor Berry: James Boyd officer involved shooing incident was “a game changer.”
  • Mayor says Boyd shooting was a game-changer.
  • Mayor says he wants community to “craft additional plans and solutions including support of our APD officers”
  • Page one of Mayor Berry’s letter to
  • Mayor Berry: “to city councilors: please work on reforms to citizens police oversight commission”
  • @Mayor_Berry: in light of shooting of homeless camper James Boyd, we cannot wait to make changes, must act now
  • @MayorRJBerry wrote letter today to #DOJ to expedite review of #apd investigation
  • Mayor Berry: “In light of James Boyd shooting “we need to do more and take action now”
  • Berry: “I do not feel we can wait any longer” in light of James Boyd shooting.
  • Mayor has started speaking. Asked DOJ to expedite review and ask to enter in negotiations about changes
  • Media waiting for the mayor and police chief. How are we going to fit?
  • Mayor, Police Chief having another press conference on APD at 3:30. We’re gonna stream it on Tune in!
  • Two dozen news people, 8 TV cameras, and one tiny conference room…
  • Mayor R.J. Berry & APD Chief Gorden Eden to hold press conference momentarily about information shared to DOJ @krqe to live stream