Mark Ronchetti

A Break From The Storms…

September 29th, 2014 at 9:57 pm by under Weather

A strong cold front came powering through New Mexico today with brief heavy rain and gusty winds and in some cases severe thunderstorms. The Northeast got the strongest storms with up to golf ball sized hail. Here in the metro area we had one storm that produced winds up to 60 miles per hour blowing down a tent at Expo New Mexico.

Things will quiet down significantly across the area on Tuesday.  Westerly flow will dry out the atmosphere and lead to a sunny day with cool temperatures. Then yet another trough will skip across the northern portion of the state on Wednesday and Thursday.

This trough could touch off more high mountain snow showers and Valley rain showers.


Big Storm Or Near Miss?

September 25th, 2014 at 10:02 pm by under Weather

After a classic scattered thunderstorm type day across southern and central New Mexico we will start to turn our focus to a more interesting weekend weather pattern.

A broad area of low pressure will work it’s way in from the Pacific Northwest toward the mountain west by Saturday into Sunday. Most models have this storm dipping its way into northern New Mexico late in the day on Sunday and bringing with it more rain and the possibility of some high mountain snow.

There is some uncertainty on the track of the storm, below is the latest look it where it may well be headed.

Right now the bust potential on the system is 55%. What we need to see is a little more consistency from the models on where this thing is headed and how much precip it will bring stay tuned.

Storm Now…Storms Later

September 24th, 2014 at 9:50 pm by under Weather

Deep moisture combined with a weather disturbance kept storms  very active across southeastern New Mexico today.  The main difference today versus the past few weeks was the fact that we had more severe storms that we’ve seen in past days. Areas like Roswell picked up golf ball sized hail from powerful storms.  Here in the metro we popped up some clowns but nothing in the way of significant storms. Over the next few days look for spot storms as some moisture sneaks under high-pressure over the Southwest.

Into the weekend all eyes shift west. A powerful trough is going to move in from the Pacific. Right now model forecasts are all over the map as far as how far south this trough will dip but if it heads in our direction we could be looking at some scattered showers and maybe even a little high mountain snow.

Storm Watching…

September 23rd, 2014 at 10:03 pm by under Weather

Strengthening high-pressure to our Northwest will lock out the majority of the state from showers over the next couple days.  There is a chance to get a few storms going Over mountain sections and across the south but nothing all that widespread.

As we had toward the weekend changes will begin to set up. A strong Pacific storm system will head toward the mountain west.  Yesterday model showed this big trough skimming the northern portion of the state. But if you look at today’s models they are singing a totally different tune. It appears now that the storm will slide too far to the north to give us much of anything other than maybe some occasionally gusty winds.


Much Needed Drying For The South

September 22nd, 2014 at 9:52 pm by under Weather

A storm system passing to our north continued to draw moisture up across the state. The mixture of that moisture along with the heat of the day produced a pretty good crop of thunderstorms today. We had heavy rain for a while in Valencia County and in Socorro County as well. There was even flooding in Silver City.

Tomorrow will represent a welcome drying trend across a good portion of New Mexico. Even though it hasn’t been that wet in the Albuquerque area we will dry out as well. Look for showers to be mainly focused over mountain areas of the state. High-pressure will continue to develop Wednesday and Thursday walking out widespread storms.

It gets interesting again over the weekend. A West Coast trough will push toward New Mexico. This trough could well pack more showers and yes even the possibility of some high mountain snow over southwestern Colorado. Stay tuned it could get interesting and start to feel a bit more like fall by Sunday.