Live Blog: DOJ Findings on APD

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The U.S. Justice Department’s report and list of findings against Albuquerque’s police force was released Thursday. Thank you for following this live blog as Thursday’s events unfolded. For continuous coverage got to visit

Continuous Coverage

News Conference with Mayor Berry and APD Chief Eden

  • 12:57 p.m.: @katiemkim: Mayor Berry says the city “learned a lot of new information today.” Shouldn’t they have known sooner? We asked. The mayor didn’t answer.
  • 12:44 p.m.: @lmitri_krqe: Reporters still yelling out questions as the mayor and the chief leave #DOJAPD
  • 12:43 p.m.: @krqe: Eden says it’s a tragedy when anyone is lost. They want to train officers to always take appropriate action.
  • 12:41 p.m.: @lmitri_krqe: Mayor Berry: When I read the findings this morning and they talked about PERF report, that was an interesting thing for me to read. #DOJAPD
  • 12:40 p.m.: @lmitri_krqe: Mayor Berry: I believe monitoring is going to be an important part of this equation. (RE: a federal monitor in ABQ)
  • 12:39 p.m.: @lmitri_krqe: Mayor Berry: We’ve been trying to look at other cities but each city is different
  • 12:39 p.m.: @lmitri_krqe: Mayor Berry says a lot of people are asking about costs. It depends on how the plan is implemented…#DOJAPD
  • 12:39 p.m.: @krqe: Mayor knows there will be additional costs, but has no idea how much it will be. It will depend on the plan crafted with DOJ. #DOJAPD
  • 12:35 p.m.: @lmitri_krqe: Mayor Berry: We just want to extend the hand and let everybody know this is going to be a community effort #DOJAPD
  • 12:34 p.m.: @krqe: Eden says the DOJ will provide good guidance.
  • 12:33 p.m.: @lmitri_krqe: Eden: Use of TASER will be evaluated #DOJAPD
  • 12:33 p.m.: @lmitri_krqe: Chief Eden and APD command staff to meet with DOJ this afternoon to discuss findings and recommendations. #DOJAPD
  • 12:33 p.m.: @krqe: Mayor keeps saying they have a lot of work to do, but that they’ve been trying to improve things over the years.
  • 12:32 p.m.: @krqe: Mayor: We do need something that involves a conversation with the community. #DOJAPD
  • 12:30 p.m.: @krqe: Mayor says they are embracing the process. The report speaks as a whole. We embrace the report.
  • 12:28 p.m.: @krqe: Mayor admits Eden saying Boyd’s death was justified was a learning experience and caused a lot of concern among many people.
  • 12:25 p.m.: @krqe: Mayor: We have made some progress. We know it’s not enough.
  • 12:24 p.m.: @MattGrubs: Among the important people watching this news conference are the investigators from @CivilRightswho will gauge the city’s reaction
  • 12:24 p.m.: @krqe: Eden says the most important thing for him to do is listen.
  • 12:21 p.m.: @MattGrubs: Mayor insisting he has new info from #DOJAPDreport, but the report says it’s information the city should have had
  • 12:21 p.m.: @krqe: Mayor: We will do policy changes. Monitoring will be important because we can use their expertise.
  • 12:19 p.m.: @krqe: Mayor says it may take weeks, months to craft new plans.
  • 12:19 p.m.: @krqe: Mayor says rather than doing the blame game, he still has faith in our men and women who serve ABQ.
  • 12:16 p.m.: @katiemkim: Eden: the place to start is at the top,#apd‘s command staff #DOJAPD
  • 12:13 p.m.: @lmitri_krqe: Mayor Berry: We’re going to take it to heart. We’re going to engage the process. We look forward to working with DOJ, community…
  • 12:12 p.m.: @lmitri_krqe: Mayor says city is embracing these challenges. “These are problems we can solve as long as we work together as a community.”
  • 12:11 p.m.: @lmitri_krqe: Mayor Berry: There are some difficult findings (in report). We recognize that.
  • 12:11 p.m.: @lmitri_krqe: Mayor Berry: We know we need to implement additional training… additional accountability measures
  • 12:09 p.m.: @lmitri_krqe: Mayor Berry: I agree with DOJ that today marks an important milestone
  • 12:09 p.m.: @lmitri_krqe: Mayor is thanking DOJ and the community for being part of this effort to reform APD.#DOJAPD
  • 12:07 p.m.: @lmitri_krqe: Mayor: it’s good that we have this report
  • 11:49 a.m.: @lmitri_krqe: Media setting up for noon press conference to hear from Mayor Berry and Chief Eden for first time since DOJ released its findings #DOJAPD

Department of Justice News Conference

  • 10:56 a.m.: @KRQEcrystal: We are breaking down the DOJ investigation into APD. We have a lot more to talk about in our later newscasts – staring at noon.
  • 10:44 a.m.: @ChrisMcKeeTV: DOJ: “At the end of the day we will have a police department that respects public safety, constitutional rights and is accountable.” #dojapd
  • 10:43 a.m.: @katiemkim#DOJAPD news conference over, people applaud
  • 10:42 a.m.: @katiemkim: Samuels: I assure you community will have a voice going forward #DOJAPD
  • 10:41 a.m.: @katiemkim: Q: how do you ensure compliance by @cabq? Samuels: #DOJ will be on ground in #ABQ to negotiate agreement & ensure it’s implemented#DOJAPD
  • 10:40 a.m.: @katiemkim: Samuels: This is a process, it will not result in immediate reform. We hope issues can be resolved by voluntary agreement by @cabq #DOJAPD
  • 10:37 a.m.: @TinaJensenKRQE: Feds say the department’s lack of oversight has allowed a culture of aggression to develop.
  • 10:34 a.m.: @katiemkim: Samuels: Don’t have specific cost estimates. Reforms will be “cost-effective”…pointing out @cabq‘s multi-million dollar payouts
  • 10:33 a.m.: @KRQEcrystal: Samuels: DOJ met with city officials last night and expected to meet with them again about potential reform for APD
  • 10:33 a.m.: @katiemkim: Samuels: Not looking at the DA’s office. Background: BernCo DA found all #APDshootings “justified.” #DOJAPD
  • 10:32 a.m.: @katiemkim: Samuels: “We will be here for as long is takes.” It will take weeks, if not months#DOJAPD
  • 10:32 a.m.: @katiemkim#DOJAPD made recommendations for reforms, hope to work with @cabq, wasting no time, may get an independent federal monitor
  • 10:30 a.m.: @KRQEcrystal: Samuels on DOJ Investigation: problems within APD have been going on for “many years.” #DOJAPD
  • 10:29 a.m.: @katiemkim#DOJAPD: inadequate oversight, inadequate investigating, inadequate reporting of force incidents, inadequate tools in de-escalation
  • 10:29 a.m.: @KRQEcrystal: Samuels on DOJ Investigation: need to equip officers with the tools they need to deescalate situations involving…
  • 10:27 a.m.: @katiemkim: Samuels: we hope our findings will focus on solutions for #APD #DOJAPD
  • 10: 26 a.m.:  @katiemkim#DOJAPD: feds hope to enter into agreement with @cabq to move forward to ensure accountability
  • 10:25 a.m.: @katiemkim#DOJAPD: Multiple incidents still under review by @JusticeDepartment’s criminal division, according to Samuels
  • 10:24 a.m.: @katiemkim#DOJAPD found areas where training seemed to be “dangerously deficient,” ofcs. not given refreshers on force policies.
  • 10:23 a.m.: @cjproctor74: Feds: APD uses excessive force against Constitution, has “failed accountability system”
  • 10:21 a.m.: @katiemkim#DOJAPD:instances when SWAT unit didn’t operate w/ discipline, control. “Lack of discipline contributed to unreasonable use of deadly force”
  • 10:19 a.m.: @KRQEcrystal: DOJ investigation found that APD officers used deadly force against people who did not pose an immediate threat…
  • 10:19 a.m.: @katiemkim: Samuels pointing to “broken” civilian oversight committee and insufficient internal affairs unit #DOJAPD
  • 10:18 a.m.: @katiemkim#DOJAPD: officers’ own recklessness sometimes led to their use of deadly force
  • 10:18 a.m.: @katiemkim: The findings letter calling out specific OIS shootings of Dominic Smith, Alan Gomez, Kenneth Ellis III, Daniel Tillison
  • 10: 12 a.m.: @KRQEcrystal: “Today marks a critical milestone for our community and police department,” Damon Martinez, Acting US Attorney for NM.
  • 10:10 a.m.: @MattGrubs: Three patterns of excessive force: too often deadly, too much less lethal force, too much force in encounters with mentally ill. #DOJAPD
  • 10:10 a.m.: @katiemkim#DOJAPD#APD‘s policies, training, supervision insufficient when officers deal with people struggling with mental illness
  • 10:09 a.m.: @katiemkim#DOJAPD report looked at 20 officer-involved shootings from ’09-’12. Majority of those were unconstitutional, according to @CivilRights
  • 10:09 a.m.: @AlexG_Reporter#DOJAPD report: The majority of fatal officer involved shootings from 2009 to 2012 were unconstitutional.
  • 10:07 a.m.: @katiemkim#DOJAPD report: #APD has insufficient oversight, inadequate training, ineffective policies
  • 10:06 a.m.: @katiemkim: Damon Martinez – acting US Attorney for NM speaking
  • 10:05 a.m.: @KRQEcrystal: Acting US Attorney takes the podium at #DOJAPD press conference.
  • 10:05 a.m.: @MattGrubs: “The police department’s failure to ensure that officers respect the Constitution undermines public trust.”
  • 10:05 a.m.: @katiemkim: Report just passed out. Here is the first page#DOJAPD. The Feds find #apd has pattern/practice of deadly force
  • 10:03 a.m.: @katiemkim#DOJAPD report: #APD failure to ensure that officers respect Constitution undermines public trust
  • 10:03 a.m.: @AlexG_Reporter: The #DOJAPD report has just been handed out.
  • 10:01 a.m.: @katiemkim: Several national media are here – @nytimes, @WSJ, @CBSNews #DOJAPD
  • 10:01 a.m.: @katiemkim: Three minute warning - #DOJAPDpresser will begin very soon. Tune in to .@krqe live stream.
  • 10:00 a.m.: @AlexG_Reporter: We’ve been told to expect a three minute warning before #DOJAPD presser starts.
  • 9:58 a.m.: @AlexG_Reporter: Same room, very similar scene to November 2012 when DOJ announced investigation.
  • 9:57 a.m.: @katiemkim: Very emotional watching family members of men shot by #APD giving each other hugs. They’ve been waiting for this day a long time #DOJAPD
  • 9:56 a.m.: @katiemkim: I’ve counted 17 TV cameras at this news conference#DOJAPD
  • 9:55 a.m.: @katiemkim: Family of Chris Torres, Len Fuentes, Alan Gomez, Kenneth Ellis III, Daniel Tillison – men shot by #APDare sitting in first few rows #DOJAPD
  • 9:48 a.m.: @AlexG_Reporter: Room for DOJ presser filled with media, family members of those shot by APD. ACLU & council president Ken Sanchez here too. #dojapd
  • 9:45 a.m.: @AlexG_Reporter: Expecting DOJ presser on APD in approximately 15 minutes. Follow @katiemkim for live tweets. #dojapd
  • 9:36 a.m.: @katiemkim: View from podium. Room filling up fast with family members of men shot by #APD, civil activists & journos #DOJAPD
  • 9:35 a.m.: RT @katiemkim: Family members of two men shot & killed by #APD - Kenneth Ellis III & Len Fuentes – are here #DOJAPD
  • 9:31 a.m. @cjproctor74: The news media are assembling. #DOJAPD
  • 8:50 a.m.: @krqe_kimholland: We will carry the DOJ news conference about APD live at 10am onKRQE.COM.
  • 8:47 a.m.: Since 2010, taxpayers have paid $24M in lawsuit settlements and payouts stemming from police misconduct cases #DOJAPD
  • 8:39 a.m.: From #bythenumbers fact sheet: DOJ announces it will launch its full investigation of APD November 2012 #DOJAPD
  • 8:34 a.m.: #bythenumbers #APD currently has 836 full-time officers, responds to 550,000 calls for service per year #DOJAPD
  • 7:51 a.m.: @lmitri_krqe: @krqe will have team coverage on DOJ’s findings from iAPD investigation expected to be released today#DOJAPD
  • 7:21 a.m.: @cjproctor74: For years, Mayor Berry has denied systemic problems at… Will we hear otherwise this morning?…
  • 7:03 a.m.: @MattGrubs: We’ll be streaming the #DOJAPDnews conference this morning. History, numbers, and context at


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APD Protest Round 2, March 30, 2014

March 30th, 2014 at 2:53 pm by under Latest Posts

Hundreds of protesters gathered Sunday to protest APD for a second time. They marched to APD headquarters, then to the Civic Plaza. Then the crowd marching east on Central, blocking both lanes of traffic. Police in riot gear were confronted by protesters near the university. Protesters continued to walk back and forth on Central until late in the night. Tear gas was eventually released on the crowd and several arrests were made. KRQE News 13′s Cole Miller and Alex Goldsmith tweeted the events Sunday.

  • 10:22 p.m.: Our coverage and the protest along Central is over. Checking out a few more places where there could still be some activity.
  • 9:36 p.m.: Despite tear gas, mace, some sticking around. Lots of yelling at police.
  • 9:32 p.m.: Incredibly chaotic situation unfolding on Central on @krqe live stream
  • 9:31 p.m.: Lots of arrests. We just got maced. Tear gas has also gone off.
  • 9:29 p.m.: Seeing protester pushing officers on horses… Other protesters arrested via KRQE live
  • 9:25 p.m.: Via live stream, seeing gas deployed Police asking protestors to go toward…
  • 9:11 p.m.: I’ve never seen so many cops in one place. Here’s a shot of APD SWAT.
  • 8:59 p.m.: Just saw two men being arrested near Central and Girard, being led west towards APD units.
  • 8:53 p.m.: Officers directing traffic at Central and Girard, away from protests
  • 8:45 p.m.: Small handful of people standing in the street and yelling at police to “do something.” Most are on the sidewalk.
  • 8:38 p.m.: APD officer to crowd via PA: “You can express your opinion on the sidewalk.” Most of crowd now out of the road.
  • 8:30 p.m.: Just saw a protestor throwing bottle at police. Riot officers standing their ground, blocking street.
  • 8:25 p.m.: Protestors yelling at each other in front of riot police on Central. Councilor Rey Garduno trying to calm things down
  • 6:41 p.m.: Protestors have returned to 1st and Central. We have a camera there.
  • 6:20 p.m.: A large group of people making there way back towards Central.
  • 6:15 p.m.: Some people beginning to turn around, others lingering.
  • 5:54 p.m.: Protestors declaring a “stand off,” trying to move forward, negotiate with
  • 5:47 p.m.: This what 5th and Roma looks like right
  • 5:43 p.m.: Armored truck and mounted officers at scene. Protestors seem to be at odds. Some shouting at officers, others sitting
  • 5:37 p.m.: We just wrapped up our 5:30 hit, heading 5th and Roma now where we’re hearing reports of things being thrown at officers. Stay tuned.
  • 5:10 p.m.: APD officers in riot gear stand toe to toe with protestors at 5th and
  • 4:59 p.m.: Massive crowd has assembled at the south entrance of APD main.
  • 2:53 pp.m.: Crowd has turned, now heading west on Central.
  • 2:47 p.m.: Looks like APD has reached the front of the crowd, now escorting protestors east. Crowd has passed Carlisle.
  • 2:42 p.m.: If your in a car, avoid Central near UNM and Nob Hill – traffic now backed up in both directions as protest marches east.
  • 2:35 p.m.: APD officers in riot gear, taking an earful from protesters at UNM
  • 2:34 p.m.: Parts of crowd appear to have taken a stand at Cornell and Central. Others continue marching towards Nob Hill, blocking eastbound Central.
  • 2:27 p.m.: APD mounted officers gearing up at Lomas and University.
  • 2:24 p.m.: It appears APD is sending mounted officers to protest. 3 trailers w/ a police escort just passed me on Lomas.
  • 2 p.m.: APD units coming in at central and broadway
  • 1:58 p.m.: Officials at Alvarado directing traffic to turn south on first to avoid eastbound central
  • 1:45 p.m.: Protestors now heading north on 5th, still in street…lots shouting, cars
  • 1:43 p.m.: Traffic backed up westbound central, crowd has taken over the street
  • 1:42 p.m.: Crowd marching to central…organizer says “this is not part of the plan” and that “someone is going to get arrested.”
  • 1:09 p.m.: Crowd has marched civic plaza, chanting “justice!”
  • 12:43 p.m.: Hundreds occupying Roma St. in downtown #abq in front of APD
  • 12:40 p.m. Massive crow protesting at APD