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5 Things You Need to Know Before You Go

September 19th, 2014 at 6:00 am by under 5 Things, Morning Show

Time for the five things you need to know before you go this morning.
5. This is the day all you Apple lovers have been waiting for, the iPhone 6 and 6 plus will be hitting store shelves today. Apple already sold a record 4 million of the smart phones last Friday. We will be out at the Apple Store in Albuquerque this morning to get a look at the lines.

4. If you’re looking for a good time, there’s a ton of stuff happening this weekend to do. You can, of course, hit the State Fair. The first 1,000 people who hit the Pepsi Refreshment Center Saturday there, get a free t-shirt. Plus there’s the junior livestock sale tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. Also, for $30, you can spend the night at the Bio Park’s Aquarium. Tonight, sleep with the fishes and live to tell the tail. Also, don’t forget about the party for the elephants at the zoo tomorrow. You’re only bored if you want to be.
3. The Albuquerque City Council unanimously approved it’s own plan to revamp the citizen’s committee overseeing the police force. The new plan gives the agency more power than the old commision had to review investigations into officers and make recommendation on discipline. The police union is threatening to sue because it says the council’s plan goes too far in. Stripping officers of due process, Mayor R.J Berry has to sign off on the new oversight board plan, but the council does have enough support to override a veto if necessary.
2. We’re a state of extremes it seems. Last year it was all about the drought. Now, the remnants of tropical storm Odile are causing flooding in Doña Ana County and parts of Texas. There have been rescues and evacuations because of flooding in Ruidoso, more than three inches of rain has fallen in the last two days alone.
1. Scattered showers are possible later today.

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Go

September 18th, 2014 at 6:00 am by under 5 Things, Morning Show

Time for the five things you need to know before you go this morning.

5. Bad news for poverty in New Mexico: It’s getting worse. The U.S. Census Bureau says that 21.9 percent of New Mexicans lived in poverty last year, which is up more than 22,000 over 2014. Mississippi still leads the nation in poverty.

4. Albuquerque could be getting a new agency to police the police department. The City Council is having a special meeting to vote on a new civilian police oversight agency. This one would have more power than the last including allowing it to subpoena officers and witnesses.

3. A big day in federal court here in Albuquerque. Secretary of State Diana Duran is asking the federal court system to referee the ballot battle with Bernalillo and Santa Fe counties, instead of the state court. This is all about whether the counties can put poll questions on the ballot. These are questions to get voters opinions, not to change any laws.

2. The governor is deploying the New Mexico National Guard to help with possible flooding, particularly in areas burned out by wildfire. The Red Cross is on standby in Sunland Park, New Mexico, in case heavy rains produce flooding.

1. More rain will be seen throughout the state today.

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Go

September 17th, 2014 at 6:00 am by under 5 Things, Morning Show

Time for the five things you need to know before you go this morning.

5. If you’re looking for a job, S&P Data is having a job fair today from 1 to 5 p.m. at the Santa Ana Star Center. Managers want to hire 100 people. Plus, UPS is starting to hire holiday workers and Walmart is opening a new neighborhood market in Rio Rancho and is hiring 100 people.

4. Today we should find out what major league team the Albuquerque Isotopes will be affiliated with. The Dodgers ditched the Duke City on Tuesday and rumors say we could end up with the Houston Astros. We’ll let you know what happens.

3. President Obama is at U.S. central command in Tampa, Fla., meeting with military commanders on how to strike ISIS next. He says no troops will be on the ground fighting, but on Tuesday, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told Congress if air strikes don’t work, he’d recommend ground forces.

2. Also today, the U.S. House could vote on the president’s plan to spend $500 million to arm and train Syrian rebels.

1. Get ready for rain and lots of it. It’s all coming from what was hurricane Odile in the Pacific. The City of Albuquerque is putting extra workers on stand-by overnight to watch for flooding. The southwest part of the state could get hammered too.

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Go

September 12th, 2014 at 6:00 am by under 5 Things, Morning Show

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Go

1. You can expect a mild day, breezy and cooler, mostly sunny day today.

2. President Obama meets in private with members of Congress today, pitching his plan to spend $500 million to train and arm moderate Syrian rebels in an effort to destroy the terrorist group, ISIS.  Even Republican House Speaker, John Boehner is calling on his colleagues to support the president in this effort.  Secretary of State John Kerry remains overseas this morning, trying to garner support from countries there in forming a global coalition to defeat ISIS.

3. The Old Town Salsa Fiesta is this weekend, and includes both salsa the food, and the dance style. The Fiesta is from noon to eight Saturday.  More than 40 contestants are signed up for the Best Salsa competition. There will also be dance lessons offered during the Fiesta.  For all the details, check on links here on KRQE.com.

4. There’s a career fair in the Metro area today. From 10 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., representatives from 54 companies with hundreds of openings are participating in the career fair. It’s at the Workforce Connection office at 501 Mountain Road NW. Dress for success bring your resume, and good luck.

5. There’s plenty of fun to be had today and this weekend at the New Mexico State Fair. Today, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association is hosting a rodeo. The featured country band, The Henningsens play at the rodeo tonight at 7 p.m. tomorrow the State Fair Parade launches from the Fairgrounds at 8:30 a.m. Sunday is Mexican Extravaganza day with a Mexican Rodeo and concert at 4 p.m.

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Go

September 11th, 2014 at 6:00 am by under 5 Things, Morning Show

Time for the five things you need to know before you go this morning.

5. The ballot battle in BernalilloCounty and Albuquerque looks like it’s going to court. The secretary of state says the county can’t put poll questions, ones just for opinion, on the ballot. The county says you can and wants to get people’s opinion on reducing pot penalties and increasing the sales to support mental health issues. A decision could come as early as Monday.

4. That respiratory virus that’s been going around the Midwest could now be here in Albuquerque. The state health department says a hospital in Albuquerque in sending a specimen to the CDC in Atlanta to get tested. This is just a day after the state said there were no cases of the respiratory virus, Enterovirus D-68, in New Mexico.

3. This is the 13th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack ever on American soil. On this date back in 2001, terrorists took over four planes, killing almost 3,000 innocent Americans. Today in Albuquerque you can help remember everyone who died with a stair climb at City Hall. That starts at 8:46 a.m. Also, go see the flags and more at VistaVerdeMemorial Park in Rio Rancho.

2. President Obama says enough is enough from ISIS. He went on national tv last night to say the U.S. is expanding air strikes to defeat ISIS and will launch them in Syria. The president wants to train and give weapons to moderate rebels in Syria. He’s now looking for support from congress and other countries.

1. There is a small chance of rain tonight.