Storms Ramp Up!

August 11th, 2014 at 10:32 pm by under Weather

We had a pretty lean storm crop across a good portion of New Mexico today. Some areas over the northern mountains and down across the Southeast did pick up scattered storms. Because those storms movement wasn’t very fast there were some pockets of locally heavy rain. But for the most part most of the state missed out beneficial rain. That will start to change on Tuesday and it will really change on Wednesday and Thursday.

Deep southerly moisture will combine with a weather disturbance to give us the chance for heavy rain across central and western sections of the state Wednesday and Thursday. Below is a look at the projected rainfall totals over the next five days. The key here is where the heavy rain will fall. Most of the summer we’ve seen heavy rain over the mountains in Northeast. The West, especially the northwest has largely missed out. As you can tell from the image below at all changes this week.

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