Wet Days Ahead?

July 15th, 2014 at 9:44 pm by under Weather

The perfect combination of gusty, moist east winds and a weather disturbance rolling down from the north helped keep storms going throughout much of the overnight into early Tuesday morning across the Albuquerque metro area. That widespread storm activity actually helped keep storms in check in fairly sparse through the afternoon hours here in Albuquerque.  The cloud cover did not allow for much heating and therefore no real trigger to start new storms during the afternoon hours. But this evening that is all started to change as widespread storms are popping up over the northern mountains. Expect some of those storms to roll in the central sections overnight tonight.

On Wednesday a new round of storms will fire up and yet another backdoor cold front will roll into Eastern New Mexico. The storms that get touched off are likely to be pretty strong with gusty winds, heavy rain and the possibility of large hail. We are also likely to see storms here in the metro area Wednesday into early Thursday.

Late in the day on Thursday and into the weekend high-pressure will slowly build across the area. The high over New Mexico will be pretty strong and it’s going to dry out the atmosphere. Temperatures should increase significantly through the weekend days into the beginning of next week. Below is a look at how much rain we might see in the next couple of days. It still looks promising for more meaningful precip.


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  1. Angelica Denning says:

    How come you guys don’t show San Jose or San Juan forecast because it leaves us guessing on where the storms or heat going to hit us?

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