Finding the Moisture

July 10th, 2014 at 12:53 pm by under Weather

Expect similar storm coverage today as yesterday, with storms initially firing over the northern and western high terrain. Much like we’ve seen lately, if the metro areas see any storm development, it will be the result of outflow boundaries from storms over the mountains. Santa Fe could see storm development as early as the late afternoon. Albuquerque’s shot at storms will likely be later in the evening.

A surge of monsoon moisture from the south will allow storms to be more widespread Friday across western and central New Mexico. That moisture plume gets pushed back into Arizona over the weekend, so the storm crop will not be as impressive Saturday and especially Sunday.

Next week, the surge of moisture from the south returns to the state. In addition, a cold front will bring even more moisture into the state Monday night and Tuesday. This will setup a pattern of widespread heavy rainfall for a good portion of the state throughout much of next week!

More widespread showers and storms west and central Friday.

More widespread showers and storms west and central Friday.

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