Mason Campbell Disposition Hearing

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ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – Mason Campbell, who plead no contest to bringing a gun to school and shooting two classmates at Berrendo Middle School, is set to appear in a disposition hearing Wednesday. KRQE reporter Emily Younger and Cole Miller had the updates.

  • @krqecole: Judge now speaking after a final arguments and a 10 minute break. We could see a sentence soon. #roswellshooting
  • @krqecole: Mason Campbell apologizes for his actions to Kendal, Nathaniel as they weep#roswellshooting
  • @krqecole: Campbell’s father on his son: “I wish we would’ve known the pain and suffering you were going through.”
  • @krqecole: Campbell’s grandfather expresses sorrow, apologizes on behalf of his grandson to the victims, community
  • @krqecole: Defense now speaking, says 8 people want to testify on Campbell’s behalf
  • @krqecole: Nathaniel says “it’s a miracle I’m alive right now.”
  • @krqecole: Nathaniel says “I have conquered many things the doctors said I wouldn’t…I have the best support system ever.”
  • @krqecole: Nathaniel is talking about the support he received during his recovery, “gave me strength.
  • @krqecole: Kendal “I have to see the scars every single day. Sometimes they stare back at me.”
  • @krqecole: Nathaniel and Kendal walk up to stand together. State is reading on Kendal’s behalf.
  • @krqecole: Sounds like Nathaniel and Kendal, the two students shot, are about to speak, state says they weren’t the intended targets
  • @krqecole: Both families say their children continue living with lead pellets in their bodies, causes health problems
  • @krqecole: After a lunch break, the testimonies in Mason Campbell’s sentencing continue
  • @krqeemily: What we’ve learned so far — motive was bullying. According to DA Mason planned the shooting days before. DA says he intended to kill.
  • @krqe: Nathaniel’s father at the stand – describes Nathaniel’s ongoing difficulties.
  • @krqe: Nathaniel’s mom says his injuries have brought ongoing pain.
  • @krqe: Nathaniel sobs as his mother describes seeing him for the first time following the shooting.
  • @krqe: Nathaniel’s parents take the stand.
  • @krqe: Kendal endured infections and physical therapy. She continues to have back pain and pain from burning skin.
  • @krqe: Kendal’s grandma at the stand with Kendal.
  • @krqe: Kendal’s sister takes the stand. She is emotional and details Kendal’s recovery.
  • @krqe: The pellets affect several aspects of Kendal’s health and future.
  • @krqe: Kendal still has 150 lead pellets in her body.
  • @krqe: Campbell allegedly wrote in the notebook his plan would be fun.
  • @krqe: Campbell changed mind from stabbing back to shooting. Wrote he would run to the gym and shoot groups instead of 1 student.
  • @krqe: Campbell wrote he wanted to stab a student instead of using the gun when he couldn’t find it.
  • @krqe: Campbell allegedly wrote he started planning Jan. 10. The shooting took place Jan. 14.
  • @krqe: He allegedly wrote he would take a gun to shoot with 3 bullets and shoot it because of bullying.
  • @krqe: Mason’s writings being read. He wrote he did what he wanted to do. Said by the time someone reads this, he’d be in jail.
  • @krqecole: An emotional Berrendo Middle School security guard “never imagined something like this would happen in Roswell, Berrendo”
  • @krqecole: 911 calls from outside, inside school now being played
  • @krqecole: EDIT – Gary Smith is a lieutenant with NMSP.
  • @krqecole: NMSP ofc. Smith was dropping his son off that morning, “I don’t see myself as a hero.”
  • @krqecole: NMSP ofc. Smith says he took Campbell into custody, “never thought shooter would be child…someone I know.”
  • @krqecole: NMSP ofc. Smith recounts entering school, gym. “I could smell gunpowder.”
  • @krqecole: NMSP ofc. Gary Smith takes the stand
  • @krqecole: State – “Completes exactly what he planned…destroying lives, a community and a school.”
  • @krqecole: State – “Mason Campbell planned for chaos…maybe death”
  • @krqecole: Judge entered the courtroom for Mason Campbell’s disposition hearing. The 12-year-old could be held in a detention center until age 21.
  • @krqeemily: We’ve just been told the media CANNOT tweet during the hearing. We will keep you updated as much as possible.
  • @krqeemily: Courtroom is full! Friends of the victims filing in to greet and hug Nathanial and Kendal.
  • @krqeemily: Mason Campbell just walked into court. Victims’s families holding one another tight.
  • @krqeemily: Nathanial Tavarez seems to be in good spirits. Hugging and laughing with family inside the courtroom. Hearing is about to begin.
  • @krqeemily: Mason Campbell sentencing hearing set to begin at 10 am. Victims families jut filed into courtroom.

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