July, 2014

Sunday’s Rainfall Totals…

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Sunday’s Rainfall Totals

Strong, slowly moving storms pounded parts of Albuquerque and Northern New Mexico on Sunday afternoon.   A cold front swept into the state and brought along with it tons of moisture.   Above you can see some of the preliminary rainfall totals from Sunday’s storms.

Flooding was a huge concern with these storms on Sunday and with the chance for more rain flash flooding will likely be an issue off and on all week long.   Stay tuned for what will likely be a very exciting week of weather in New Mexico.


Rainy Stretch Ahead…

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Flash Flood Watch from 12pm-12am Sunday

Flash Flood Watch from 12pm-12am Sunday

Areas around the Northern Mountains were pounded by heavy rain on Saturday and more heavy rain is likely this afternoon and tonight.   Flash flood watches have been posted for Northeastern New Mexico.  These run from lunch time until midnight today.

A cold front is going to bring a surge of moisture into New Mexico.   Eventually, this moisture will find its way into Central New Mexico thanks to strong canyon winds in the Rio Grande Valley.  You will feel the winds picking up around dinner time and they’ll last into night here in Albuquerque.

This front will trigger more scattered storms across the entire state on Monday and then a series of systems will spark even more storm chances for the rest of the week.



Record Heat and Heavy Rain…

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Saturday's Highs versus Record Highs

Saturday’s Highs versus Record Highs

Ten cities in New Mexico hit the triple digits while four set new record highs.  They’re shown in the map above.  Albuquerque came close to its record of 102° by topping out at 100°.   Temperatures were almost 10° above average or more for many areas in New Mexico.

However, a cold front will bring immediate relief late tomorrow into Monday.   This will trigger widespread storms in Northern New Mexico and a better shot for scattered storms on Monday statewide.  Along with the rain chances will come a drop in high temps.  Temperatures will be slightly cooler on Sunday then they will fall to more seasonable highs or even below average by mid-week!


Saturday Afternoon's High Temps

Saturday Afternoon’s High Temps


SBCC offers Spanish film series

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A collaboration with the Consulate of Mexico in Albuquerque is bringing a series of Spanish-language films to South Broadway Cultural Center’s John Lewis Theatre. All of the films are free.

Entitled “Cine De la Época de Oro” (Films from the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema), the series begins on Wednesday, July 30 at 7 p.m. with “Flor Silvestre,” starring Dolores del Rio, Pedro Armendáriz and Emilio “El Indio” Fernández. This is the first Mexican movie made by Dolores del Rio after her career in Silent and Golden Age Hollywood films. It is also the first collaboration between Fernández, Del Rio, Armandáriz, cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa, and writer Mauricia Magdaleno. In the film a young and beautiful woman, played by del Rio, narrates stories of her history across the Mexican Revolution.

The next film in the series is scheduled for Wednesday, August 6 at 7 p.m. Dolores del Rio and Pedro Armendáriz are joined by Julio Villareal in a film entitled “Bugambilia.” The story features del Rio as the beautiful Amalia de los Robles, whose looks and charm awaken the passions of all of the men in the region. This provokes the fury of her father, Don Fernando (played by Julio Villareal). Seeing in her the face of his dead wife, he has developed an obsession to control her. She falls in love with Ricardo (Armendariz), but circumstances prevent them from being united in their love.

On Wednesday, August 13 at 7 p.m. “Las Abandonados” will be the selected film. Del Rio and Armendáriz star with Victor Junco in the story of a young pregnant woman abandoned by her fiancé in a society that is cruel to unwed mothers. Designed by Armando Valdes Peza, this film features one of the most expensive wardrobes ever done for the Mexican Cinema. It is an example of the deep devotion that the director and the cinematographer felt for Dolores del Rio.
“La Perla” will be screened on Wednesday, August 20 at 7 p.m. Pedro Armendáriz is Quino, who, with his wife Juana (Maria Elena Marqués), are in anguish because their small son Coyotito was stung by a scorpion. The local doctor, who is a foreigner, refuses to treat the boy so his parents take him to a curandera. Later, the doctor and his brother, a loan shark played by Fernando Wagner, learn that Quino has found a valuable pearl and conspire to steal it from him.

The final film in the series, “Pueblerina,” will be screened on Wednesday, August 27 at 7 p.m. Starring Columba Dominguez, Robert Cañedo and Arturo Soto Rangel, the film features Cañedo as Aurelio Rodriguez, who has just been released from jail. He tries to build a new life with his marriage to Paloma (Dominguez) and begins working his land. But the brothers González, who are local landowners, have a different idea and interfere with his plans.

All films are in Spanish with English subtitles. Screenings are free to the public. For more information on the series, please call 311 or visit www.cabq.gov/sbcc.

Get Ready for the Heat…

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High pressure is hanging out over New Mexico today.  That means it will be drier and extremely hot!  Highs will get close to 100 around Albuquerque while many areas like T or C, Socorro, and Roswell will hit the triple digits.  So be sure to drink plenty of water, take frequent breaks, and don’t leave the kids or pets in a hot car.

There’s a chance for some spot storms today.  But, they’re going to be limited to the higher terrain.  The weather will change quickly though on Sunday.   A cold front will move in from the northeast and it will bring in moisture, rain, and cooler temperatures.

Saturday's Forecast Highs

Saturday’s Forecast Highs