Heat The Story For Now…

June 26th, 2014 at 8:53 pm by under Weather

A storm system passing to our north on Friday will help to take a slight edge off the heat. Temperatures will dip down by about 3° or 4° from what we saw today. In the metro we topped out of 96° while tomorrow Friday our high is 91°. The “cooler” temps will be short-lived. We get all the way to 98° by Sunday in the heart of the heatwave.

That heatwave is likely to hang on through at least Tuesday. Then increasing moisture begins to creep under high-pressure over the state. That will allow for daily rounds of thunderstorms which will help to bring temps down. It does look like within the next 10 days or so will slowly transition the monsoon flow pattern.

Check out the July 10th-11th time frame.   It is definitely promising.


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