Get Ready for the Heat!

June 25th, 2014 at 11:13 am by under Weather

We start to see a noticeable decrease in thunderstorms today as drier air pushes into the state. After seeing scattered storms the past couple of days across the east, today coverage will be more isolated. Meanwhile, west and central sections remain dry. Thunderstorms completely leave the forecast Thursday as dry air overtakes the state. Westerly winds will help heat things up, especially east where triple digit heat will return.

West and central sections will steadily warm through the weekend and early next week. Over the weekend, the Albuquerque metro will be in the mid 90s, and by early next week pushing 100°. With the dry, hot, and sometimes breezy conditions, fire concerns will be elevated through the end of the week, weekend, and early next week.

Models are indicating that relief from the heat will come in the form of a more monsoon like setup mid to late next week. Better shower chances for more of the state will also be a welcome feature from this setup.

Drier and hotter weather sets in starting today.

Drier and hotter weather sets in starting today.

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  1. Brian Fejer says:

    How is the summer monsoon season outlook looking?

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