Heat Closing in….

June 23rd, 2014 at 10:15 pm by under Weather

Moisture remained centered over eastern New Mexico and that fueled thunderstorms this afternoon. Strong to severe storms occurred from I-40 southward across southeastern New Mexico. Meanwhile in central and western sections there just wasn’t enough juice to support storms.

Tomorrow will be much like today weatherwise. Most of the moisture will stay across the East firing up storms there. However the one change could be a few more storms in central sections than we saw today and that could favor the Albuquerque area. If we don’t get storms on Tuesday it’s unlikely we’ll see any over the next seven days.

The other big story will be the heat. Temperatures will top out in central sections in the mid 90s. But by the weekend and into next week we could come close to 100 degrees here in Albuquerque. Meanwhile in the Southeast we could get well over 100° into the weekend. Needless to say this will raise fire danger in huge way.

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