The Heat Returns!

June 10th, 2014 at 8:03 pm by under Weather

Temperatures will continue to be the main story weather wise over the next 24 hours. Highs in the metro area touch 90° today and will jump up in the low 90s again tomorrow.

The best shot for showers wi be over northeastern New Mexico and over the northern mountains. The Chance for showers only sits around 20%. That chance goes up little more on Thursday as a cold front nudges into the northeast corner of the state. This could be the focusing point for thunderstorms.  However a smaller area of the state be affected by this front. So most of New Mexico won’t see any storms at all. Temperatures will start to train down by Friday.

The southern half of the state won’t see much relief from the front. We will be well over 100° in the Roswell area and in Carlsbad as well. This really isn’t a surprise as late June and early July 10 tend to be some of our warmest temperatures across the state.  A little moisture may creep up through the South over the weekend feeding some isolated storms. But widespread shower activity does not look like it’s in the cards.

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