APD news conference on fatal police shooting

May 23rd, 2014 at 3:57 pm by under Latest Posts

APD hosted a news briefing in reference to Thursday night’s officer involved shooting at 4:00 p.m.

KRQE News 13 reporters @ChrisMcKeeTV  and @lmitri_krqe will have full details Friday on KRQE. 

  • RT @lmitri_krqe: Officers are heard telling suspect to put the weapon down. Suspect tells officers, “Shoot me.”
  • @ChrisMcKeeTV will have an update on last nights’s police shooting on @krqe at 5:30. APD played audio of confrontation that led to shooting.
  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: APD: no explanation as to why officers shot.
  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: APD says all officers involved in scene are ok / weren’t hurt.
  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: It sounds as if officers playing lapel camera audio. Man screaming “shoot me” for 30 seconds or more before shots.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: APD is playing two 911 calls they got last night. People saying a man with a knife ran off after stabbing another man.
  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: Chief Gorden Eden is not speaking today. Deputy Chief William Roseman addressing media. Playing 911 calls
  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: APD now giving press briefing. Officers wearing black bands over their badges. pic.twitter.com/21EkiWpzqS
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: APD spokesperson says we’ll see pictures and hear some audio when presser begins but info is still limited.
  • RT @ChrisMcKeeTV: APD to hold briefing on last night’s officer involved shooting in 15 minutes.
  • RT @lmitri_krqe: APD says it will give update on last night’s police shooting at 4pm

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  1. jj says:

    Your comments are astoundingly ignorant or blatently inflammatory. No explanation on why they shot? The whole briefing was about why they shot him. And the black bands on the badges? Today was the police memorial. Didnt know that though.

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