Worst Wind Ever?…Ok Maybe Not But It Will Be Really Windy!

April 25th, 2014 at 6:15 pm by under Weather

Get ready for huge winds on the way over the next three days.   I have to tell you I can’t remember three days with gusts close to 60 mph and that’s exactly what we are headed for.  A storm system over California will move in Saturday.  As the storm moves in winds will top 50 mph statewide and gusts will top 65 over NE and SW sections of the state.  Here in the metro area look for winds around 55mph.  As far as rain and snow go, that will move west to east across the state Saturday afternoon.  Showers and  blowing dust will kick up along a cold front as it moves through.  Here in the metro our best chance for showers will be late Saturday afternoon and evening.  Over the northern mountains 2″-6″ of snow will be possible with up to 8″ possible over favored areas but midday Sunday.

Winds will not relent as the storm exits on Sunday.  Temps will plummet by 20° as NW winds gust over 60mph over a wide area of the state including the Albuquerque metro area.  Any remaining snow will diminish throughout the day.  Highs will top out in the low 60′s with widespread blowing dust.

By Monday temps will still be on the cool side in the low 60′s and winds will once again top 50 mph .  Please be careful this weekend as travel could be difficult across a wide area given the strong winds.

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  1. Richard Brigle says:

    I live near El Morro and not CO. I am sick and tried of you always talking about CO. I know we live on the west side of the state and we a scum and do not count in your weather reports. So if you love CO. why don’t you move their.

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