Colder…Windier and A Little Snow…

April 2nd, 2014 at 8:44 pm by under Weather

A relatively unimpressive storm system will pass through the state late tonight and during the day Thursday.  This storm will pack more gusty winds.  East central areas of the state will once again be under a wind advisory with gusts up to 50 mph.  Here in the metro we could hit 45 mph.

Temps with this system will be sharply colder as well.  We will top out in the low 50′s in most area.  This is 10°+ below average for this time of year.  Not only that but when you combine the wind with the cooler temps it will feel more like late fall than spring.

The final component of this system will be snow.  Yes snow.  The storm itself is packing some decent cold air.  The problem is with weakening dynamics and limited moisture it will be tough to get too much cranked up snow wise.  Look for 5″-1″ in the Colorado San Juans and 2″-4″ over our northern mtns.

There is a second system on the way over the weekend.  More scattered showers will be possible.  If you take these two storms together the overall liquid pecip chances look decent over northern sections.


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  1. Bob W says:

    Hey Mark – love your “misery index.” Maybe add into the formula a humidity factor? A tumbleweed in the road factor? Keep it up.

  2. Paul Grunwald says:

    Marc, please add pollen to your misery index Calc.

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