A Series Of Storms…

April 1st, 2014 at 5:31 pm by under Weather

Three storms over the next two weeks will impact our weather.  No one storm looks to be a big one but taken together they should be at least helpful in bringing some moderate precipitation to northern New Mexico.  The first system will approach the state on Wednesday.  In advance of the storm winds will once again be very gusty out of the SW.  Highs will cool a bit as well down into the mid-60′s.

Wednesday night and Thursday morning the storm will move in and spread snow showers over the northern mtns.  We could also see a few snow showers in valley sections as well.  The storm will exit throughout the day Thursday and leave behind some cold air.

By Saturday storm number two moves in.  This system will drop a little farther south.  The result will be scattered showers across the area this weekend.  No one spot looks like it’s in for a soaking but a few showers are definitely possible.

The third system moves in late next week.  It’s a bit far out to get into too many details but here is a look at the two week precipitation totals.  Not huge but it beats nothing.


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