Live Blog: ABQ Police Oversight Commission Meeting

March 27th, 2014 at 3:02 pm by under Latest Posts

KRQE News 13 Reporter Chris McKee is at the ABQ Police Oversight Commission meeting and is sharing updates.

  • Cmsr. Richard Shine: “simply because we’re being silent doesn’t mean we’re agreeing or disagreeing with anybody” trying to get all speakers
  • “Whether you receive us or not” – citizens say they’re angry and they need to be heard.
  • Public comment: “I know it’s not your purview, but you have to understand where we’re coming from”
  • Commissioners trying to clarify: this is the “long term planning committee” mtg of the POC. Saying they have no authority on shootings here
  • ABQ Police Oversight Commission meeting today, expecting some comments on recent officer involved shootings.

3 Responses to “Live Blog: ABQ Police Oversight Commission Meeting”

  1. Toni Armijo says:

    I just want to say I had never been a big fan of the police department but I am compelled due to current events to say that officer N. Wheeler and hus co workers with A.P.D northeast subdivision had brought me and my children a beautiful Christmas tree with lights and decorations, a enormous box of food that required 4 officers to carry in and wonderful gifts for me and my twins. Not all of A.P.D is bad. I just wanted someone to know that. Toni.

  2. Toni Armijo says:

    Our street was lined with police cars. It was something to see. My kids and I had been hungry, we had no money for gifts and all these big guys in full gear show up to deliver a much needed hug and help and hope !!

  3. Toni Armijo says:

    It was officer Nick Wheeler and co-workers from the north east heights sub-division. I would like to see him acknowledged for his kindness. Thank you. Toni

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