5 Things You Need to Know Before You Go

March 19th, 2014 at 5:30 am by under 5 Things, Morning Show

5. We may learn more today about the criminal investigation into the former chief of the Albuquerque Public School Police, Steve Tellez. The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department is now investigating Tellez, reportedly over missing ammunition.

4. A huge sinkhole is inching closer to swallowing part of Carlsbad. The hole is 190 feet deep, 670 feet long, and 450 feet wide. It was created by 30 years of oil field companies pumping water into old salt mines to extract brine for drilling. An Albuquerque engineering firm is exploring scenarios to deal with it.

3. There was a second confirmed radiation leak last week at the WIPP site near Carlsbad, according the U.S. Department of Energy. The DOE says the radiation was very low level, like the leak that occurred on Valentine’s Day. There’s a meeting today to address concerns about WIPP at 8:00 am today at the Marriott Uptown in Albuquerque.

2. In the race to win car manufacturer Tesla’s multi-billion dollar battery plant to New Mexico, Governor Susana Martinez is steering toward a special legislative session to create an enticing economic package for the car builder – which could include reduced electric rates.

1. Today it’ll be sunny with a high near 61 and a northeast wind around 5 mph becoming calm. Tonight, expect mostly clear skies with a low around 28 and a 5 mph west wind becoming calm in the evening.

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