Bernalillo County requires background checks for applicants

March 18th, 2014 at 7:36 pm by under Latest Posts

Bernalillo County – All Bernalillo County employees and applicants, including volunteers, internal employee transfers, and newly promoted employees are required to pass a criminal background check before gaining employment at Bernalillo County.

The policy change began in 2010 and requires that all prospective employees undergo a background check before they’re hired by theCounty. It also requires employees who plead guilty to or are convicted of a criminal offense to notify their supervisors.

The 2010 change in policy also instituted a random background check every year of 2 percent of the county’s employees to ensure compliance with the notification requirements.

Since 2010 the Human Resources Department has refined the county’s policy even further requiring background checks for volunteers and for employees who either transfer to other departments or receive promotions.

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