Christopher Torres Civil Case, Day 4

March 13th, 2014 at 9:28 am by under Latest Posts, Live Events

The civil trial continues in the Christopher Torres case. Torres was shot and killed by APD officers at the family home in Taylor Ranch in April of 2011.

KRQE reportersĀ @krqecole andĀ @gburkNM have live updates (most recent updates are displayed first):

  • Torres trial done for the day. Closing arguments tomorrow
  • Torres’ Attny questions DNA expert who testifies she can’t determine source of Torres’ DNA on Hilger’s gun.
  • DNA expert testifies forensic evidence shows Torres’ DNA on officer Hilger’s gun.
  • Toxicology expert now done with testimony. City calls next witness: Donna Manogue, forensic scientist who works with APD
  • Toxicology expert questioned by Torres’ Attny says spice side effects may also include ‘calmness, sedation, feeling of well-being.’
  • Judge tells defense attny many materials she plans on bringing up during toxicology testimony is not relevant to his expertise/is assumption
  • Toxicology expert: One of Torres’ prescribed anti-psychosis meds not found in his system. Estimates he hadn’t taken it for at least 2 wks.
  • Toxicology expert testifies synthetic cannabinoids found in Torres’ body up to 60 times more potent than marijuana.
  • In court now for Chris Torres trial re. civil suit involving his shooting death in 2011. Defense now questioning Doc as expert in toxicology
  • Quick break now before wrapping up with former APD Chief Ray Schultz deposition, family’s last witness
  • Renetta wraps up testimony saying family “will always remember his infectious sense of humor…just a very caring human being.”
  • Renetta on losing Christopher, “it’s a pain, an emptiness beyond anything you can describe.” Wasn’t sure she’d “ever be able to go home.”
  • Recalling learning the news, “she said, i regret to inform you, your son is deceased.” Renetta says there was a “no communication” with APD
  • Renetta remembers being called out of a meeting, that something had happened at home. “Scene was like nothing I had seen before.”
  • Christopher’s mother says he didn’t have many “episodes” with the illness, they would last about a day.
  • Christopher was diagnosed with Schizophrenia at age 19, mother says his “lively personality became flat,” but he had a great support system
  • Renetta says Christopher’s Schizophrenia diagnosis “strengthened family’s relationship,” family very important to Chris.
  • Within minutes of taking the stand, Christopher’s mother, Renetta, says “some testimonies just too hard to listen to.”
  • Steve Torres leaves the stand in tears, hugging family and friends. We’re in a 5-10 min recess. Christopher’s mother is expected up next.
  • An emotional Steve Torres is trying to fight back tears, more tears from family present here in the courtroom.
  • Steve Torres says “no one has ever apologized to me.” He was committed to staying at the house, it was “our house” despite what happened.
  • Steve Torres called nearby hospitals asking about Chris, no one had anyone admitted by that name. 2 hours later found out Chris was dead.
  • Steve Torres says police “stormed the house, used flashbang grenades and tore down front door.”
  • Steve Torres says he was tipped by neighbor about police presence, “there were police cars and officers everywhere.”
  • Steve Torres, Christopher’s father, is now on the stand.
  • Family friend: “I loved Christopher. He was such a sweet young man.”
  • A quick testimony from Rev. Gutierrez, no questions from defense. Another family friend is now on the stand, gave Chris a job at his shop.
  • Rev. Gutierrez says family “was destroyed” after Christopher’s death
  • Rev. Gutierrez “Christopher was a kind person, quiet” and talked a lot about family and faith
  • Day four of the Torres case is underway – Rev. Daniel Gutierrez, a friend of the family, takes the stand

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