Christopher Torres Civil Case, Day 3

March 12th, 2014 at 11:02 am by under Latest Posts, Live Events

The civil trial continues in the Christopher Torres case. Torres was shot and killed by APD officers at the family home in Taylor Ranch in April of 2011.

KRQE reporters @krqecole and @TinaJensenKRQE have live updates (most recent updates are displayed first):

  • APD investigator reads title of report: “Aggravated Battery on an Officer.” Atty: “That was the offense? Not homicide?” “Correct.”
  • PD investigator of shooting testifies 2 officers had same lawyer, can’t confirm or deny they coordinated stories before interview
  • DNA expert from LA called by Torres family attorneys. Says APD’s DNA investigator didn’t test trigger or safety of pistol…
  • George Schiro, a DNA expert, is now on the witness stand
  • Defense questioning scrapes, cuts on Torres’ body, argues they could have come from scuffle with officers
  • Defense now cross-examining Dr. Zumwalt
  • Dr. Zumwalt says the bullet that hit the upper back went through right pulmonary artery, could’ve been fatal in “seconds to minutes”
  • Dr. Zumwalt says barrel of gun pressed against Torres’ body when fired
  • Dr. Zumwalt says two bullets hit Torres in the lower, right side of his back. A third bullet hit Torres’ upper back.
  • Dr. Zumwalt – “defensive wounds on Torres’ hands” consistent with protecting himself
  • Both sides gearing up for more testimony this afternoon…Dr. Ross Zumwalt, Chief Medical Investigator with OMI led to witness stand
  • Torres civil case breaks for lunch, expecting at least two more witnesses this afternoon
  • Dr. McDonald is off the stand a few minutes before lunch, next 15 minutes will be used to show former APD Chief Schultz deposition
  • Dr. McDonald “research based on statistical, anonymous life”
  • Dr. McDonald “studies show average life valued at $5-6 million,” adding that can range, though
  • Dr. McDonald on determining value of a life – “more value than how much we earn”
  • Dr. McDonald “Torres earned $1,924/year…if worked 27 more years, would’ve earned $50,508″
  • Dr. Brian McDonald, an expert, economist, has taken the stand in Torres civil case
  • Det. Lopez “Torres seemed to be in good hands,” was seeing psychiatrist, didn’t have lengthy criminal history, no need for hazard aler
  • Det. Lopez said CIT officers can be dispatched to help officers serving warrants, can offer their expertise in dealing with mentally ill
  • During his testimony, Lopez said CIT officers learn to handle/communicate with the mentally ill more than a standard officer
  • Judge Bacon hoping to catch up today, move a little quicker
  • Day 3 in Christopher Torres trial continues with Det. Xavier Lopez on the stand, a now retired APD officer with crisis intervention training

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