Christopher Torres Civil Case, Day 2

March 11th, 2014 at 2:11 pm by under Latest Posts, Live Events

The civil trial continues in the Christopher Torres case. Torres was shot and killed by APD officers at the family home in Taylor Ranch in April of 2011.

KRQE reporters @ChrisMcKeeTV and @TinaJensenKRQE have live updates (most recent updates are displayed first):

  • City atty asks Psychiatrist about Torres use of Spice…questions if it would “destabilize” him.
  • Torres psychiatrist says many treated for schizophrenia can go on to live healthy lives. Cites Nash from “Beautiful Mind” as example.
  • Expert witness on gun finishes testimony. Psychiatrist treating Torres takes stand.
  • Scott says the area where Christopher Torres struggled w/ officers was extremely small, finds the story “troubling.”
  • Expert witness testifies officer’s gun in pristine condition and that no fingerprints belonging to Torres were documented in findings.
  • Scott reviewed forensic investigation of Hilger’s gun– says report had no conclusion of fingerprints found on it or evidence it was handled
  • Scott: if there was a struggle, he would have expected to see damage on handle area of gun– says it’s in pristine condition.
  • Scott: markings/damage on nose of Hilger’s gun are not consistent w/ story that Torres grabbed gun, hit it in rocks during fight w/ ofcrs.
  • Scott now testifying to where Torres’ was positioned when he was shot. Torres attorneys trying to prove he was laying down on stomach.
  • Some family members leave room as expert witness talks about where Christopher Torres’ head was when he was shot.
  • Torres attorneys now asking expert Scott what his opinion is of evidence gathered in Torres homicide.
  • Scott: you want to gather as much evidence as possible immediately after a homicide / officer involved shooting
  • Scott is official an expert on “officer involved homicides.”
  • Torres attorneys call witness Ron Scott to the stand. Sounds like he’ll offer expert analysis on elements of the shooting / investigation.
  • Day 2 of Torres trial continues. Neighbor/eyewitness done testifying. Break so court can determine tech problems. Expert witness next.
  • Neighbor to Torres / witness to shooting, Christie Apodaca has left the stand. Next witness being called…
  • Defense attorney Ann Maggoire criticizing Apodaca, over six different statements on event— did she see officer draw a gun or not?
  • Apodaca witnessed officers Brown & Hilger fighting with Torres. City is trying to draw attention to her statement to police vs. her notes
  • The Christopher Torres wrongful death trial has just resumed. Attorneys for the city of ABQ cross examining witness Christie Apodaca
  • Defense attorney Ann Maggoire criticizing Apodaca, over six different statements on event— did she see officer draw a gun or not?


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