Some snow and cold air return to New Mexico…

December 28th, 2013 at 5:22 pm by under Weather

A cold front is beginning to move through the state tonight.   The clouds associated with the system have been moving in all day today.   We’ll have mostly cloudy skies overnight with a chance for some light snow around the Northern and Central Mountains overnight and early Sunday morning.   Accumulations will be light.   But, all of us will be dealing with stronger winds and much colder temperatures.

It looks like winds will be at their strongest overnight while temps will be 10-20° by Sunday afternoon.   But, temperatures will start to rebound to average or even above average once again by Monday.

One Response to “Some snow and cold air return to New Mexico…”

  1. Rita Goehring says:

    Seems winter is gone. I miss the actual winter season…guess I will move north….lol..

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