Laser scientist receives presidential award

December 26th, 2013 at 8:39 pm by under Latest Posts

Dr. Greg Pitz from the Air Force Research Laboratory New Mexico was honored by President Obama with a Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers.

Pitz heads a six-member team of scientists working on lasers that could protect aircraft.krqe-mug-dr-greg-pitz-bd

A statement released in conjunction with the award said this about Pitz’s work:

Dr. Pitz is leading diode pumped alkali laser (DPAL) research at AFRL New Mexico, heading a six-member team of scientists and engineers in the ongoing development and improvement of the world’s first open-cycle flowing diode pumped alkali laser. DPALs have the potential to enable affordable, lightweight, small form-factor lasers effective for use to protect aircraft. Dr. Pitz was selected for the award for his contributions to atomic spectroscopy of alkali atoms, the development of hybrid lasers, and modeling of innovative new designs; for his leadership in demonstrating laser operation in realistic environments for national defense; and for his active outreach and mentoring of high school, undergraduate, and graduate students both in the Department of Defense and in the Albuquerque community.

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