Animal Humane needs dog coats, sweaters

December 8th, 2013 at 4:38 pm by under Latest Posts

The dogs at Animal Humane’s campus in Albuquerque can’t avoid the freezing temperatures, but the staff has figured out how to help keep the dogs warm with dog coats and sweaters.

“A lot of the short-coat dogs are having a hard time with (the cold), and so we’re just finding ways of keeping them warm and the dog coats seem to be working,” said Sam Blankenship of Animal Humane.

Staff says they don’t have enough coats for the larger dogs.

Animal Humane is asking for donations of extra dog sweaters, fleece blankets and dog igloos to keep their animals safe outside this winter.

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  1. Michelle G says:

    Do both animal humanes, in Albuquerque, need the donations? Or one specific?

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