Movie tells story of New Mexico horse

December 4th, 2013 at 5:07 pm by under Latest Posts

The movie “50 to 1″ about the Kentucky Derby-winning horse from New Mexico will soon hit the big screen.

It tells the story of Mine That Bird, the horse owned by a Roswell group that ended up on a journey of a lifetime when Bird qualified for the Kentucky Derby.

The movie stars Skeet Ulrich and Christian Kane who are set to be at the premiere at the Kimo Theater in Albuquerque on March 19.

“50 to 1″ will be released nationwide March 21.

Mine That Bird retired a year after winning the Run for the Roses as a 50-to-1 shot four years ago.

19 Responses to “Movie tells story of New Mexico horse”

  1. AndiDanceCO says:

    I am so excited for this movie to be released!

  2. mary e brewer says:

    very excited to see this movie!! #ChristianKane is my favorite actor!! and i always love a good horse story thanks for sharing!

  3. Ali Kien says:

    I am so excited for this movie. It is such an amazing story I know Christian Kane and Skeet Ulrich will do it proud. March can’t seem to get here fast enough!

  4. Florinda says:

    Is it March yet!!!! I love the story because it’s true. It really happened. A feel good, positive movie. I’m really excited!

  5. Jeannean Sword says:

    I am hearing great things about 50 to 1! I am already a big fan of Christian Kane and Skeet Ulrich, and Mine That Bird has won my heart. I have also heard that Calvin Borel does an amazing job, so I am very excited to see this movie. I will be there on the first day to see it and probably the second day too!

  6. K.Kreisköther says:

    A great story with good actors.I wish I could watch the movie in March but I’ll have to wait until it will be on view in Europe ……or then on DvD (hopefully)

    I wish the whole team good luck :)

  7. Fran says:

    With a wonderful story and an excellent cast including Christian Kane, Skeet Ulrich and William Deavane, the movie 50 to 1 is bound to be a hit!! Very excited for its release!!

  8. Dolores Guerrero says:

    I can’t wait for this movie to be released. Christian Kane, Skeet Ulrich it’s going to be an absolute hit!

  9. Sandy Marowitz says:

    I am so excited about 50 to 1 being released in March (except that March is too far away). I love the story about Mine That Bird and can’t wait to see Christian Kane & Skeet Ulrich in the movie!

  10. Neely Firecracker says:

    I am very excited for this movie to come out. I love horseracing & I remember that Kentucky Derby win. It’ll be a wonderful movie that will be along w/ Seabiscuit & Secretariat. Starring one of my favorite actors, Christian Kane, I will see it opening night!

  11. KT says:

    cant wait for this movie to come out. Love Christian Kane and think horses are just beautiful animals!!

  12. Jacquie Wallis says:

    Very excited about seeing this picture. The movie has Christian Kane and horses, so sure sounds like a winner to me. What’s not to love! :D

  13. Ethel Henry says:

    Can’t wait to see this! A great story, with great actors. So looking forward to it!!

  14. Kerryanne says:

    So excited for this movie to come out and cannot wait until 19 March at the KiMO!

  15. Laura Manners says:

    It’s a lovely story and I can’t wait to see this movie – did you know that the delightful Christian Kane is amongst the litany of stars who appear alongside real-life jockey Calvin Borel and of course, the real star of the show, Mine That Bird. International release has also been announced for this movie and we in Great Britain just cannot wait.

  16. Helen Bailey says:

    I am very excited to see this movie at the KiMO! What a perfect place for the premiere! So many great stars in this movie, particularly Christian Kane! He has a wonderful range, and has played many different characters with such heart. I’m sure this part won’t be any different! :)

  17. Beth Potkonicky Kredel says:

    I so wish I were wealthy as I would fly to NM for the premier! What a dream that would be! Christian Kane and all those wonderful actors! Probably would faint

  18. Natalie says:

    Christian Kane and Skeet Ulrich in a underdog story about an amazing horse? Cannot wait!

  19. Lesley Diskin says:

    A movie about winning against the odds will always appeal. When it’s got such a great cast – particularly Christian Kane – it’s an odds on favourite to be a winner!!!

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