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10:40 pm: RT @AlexG_Reporter: 50 of 50 vote centers are in. Gibson’s final tally was 7,123 to Arnold-Jones’ 6,479.#abq2013

10:10 pm: RT @AGoodman_krqe: That’s a wrap for us… With 48 of 50 voting centers in, late-term abortion ban is defeated 55% to 45% #abq2013

9:47 pm: RT @AlexG_Reporter: 40 of 50 vote centers in. Gibson now leading by 232 votes over Arnold-Jones.

9:46 p.m: RT @AGoodman_krqe: Calls it a ‘huge victory for Albuquerque families’ #abq2013

9:41 pm: RT @AGoodman_krqe: Crowd erupts as Respect ABQ Women Campaign Manager tells them the late-term abortion ban has been defeated. #abq2013

9:41 pm: RT @NMTelegram: Diane Gibson now leads by 268 votes, 51.35% to 48.65% with 28/50 vote centers reporting. #abq2013

9:27 pm: KRQE declares Albuquerque voters have rejected the late-term abortion ban with 55 percent against it and 45 percent for it.

9:19 pm: @AGoodman_krqe: lots of cheers here as 22 of 50 centers now in… nearly 55% against ban, 45% for ban

9:19 pm: @MattGrubs: How big is the 50% runoff change? It may decide balance of power in ABQ city politics. They’ll call it “inside baseball” but It. Is. Real.

8:58 pm: @AlexG_Reporter: Arnold-Jones was 73 votes away from avoiding a runoff with Gibson last month

8:55 pm: @AlexG_Reporter: 15 of 50 vote centers in, Gibson now up 172 votes.

8:52 pm: @AlexG_Reporter: Diane Gibson’s lead sits at 146 votes over Janice Arnold-Jones right now.

8:52 pm: @AGoodman_krqe: With a couple voting centers reporting.. numbers are unchanged in late-term abortion vote.

8:11 pm: RT @AlexG_Reporter: Voter turnout for this special election appears to have surpassed the 2009 citywide election.

8:04 pm: All voting locations are closed in #abq2013 election. 36,734 people voted today and 87,296 overall. There were more registered voters today than there was a month ago. Turnout was 24% compared to  20% for the Mayoral race. Bandelier Elementary voting location was the last to close.

7:31 pm: Jefferson Middle School, Bandelier Elementary, Montezuma Elementary Schools are still taking voters

7:23 pm: @AGoodman_krqe: FYI people starting to fill in here at the Respect ABQ Women watch party. Not sure if they have seen early/absentee results yet.

7:11 pm: RT @TinaJensenKRQE: Polls closed. People still in line at Eisenhower Middle School.

7:04 pm: RT @AlexG_Reporter: Early and absentee numbers: Abortion ban losing 56% to 44% Gibson with a slim lead over Arnold-Jones. #abq2013

7:03 pm: RT @cabq: Voters can view Runoff and Special Election results as polls close: ow.ly/qYEiR #ABQ#ABQ2013

6:55 pm: Polls close in five minutes

6:48pm: RT @NMTelegram: Half an hour until polls close. But all those in line at 7:00 will be able to vote. #abq2013

6:00 pm: RT @chrisanchezzz: Waiting in line to vote at Bandelier Elementary School. At least an hour wait. Line snakes in all sorts of intricate ways through the gym.

5:18 pm: RT @gburkNM: Line outside Jefferson Middle School in #ABQ to vote on proposed late term abortion ban. Polls close @ 7 pic.twitter.com/x6k570KgVT


4:21 pm: RT @AGoodman_krqe: Handling the #prochoice side of things for our election coverage. Is there a hashtag preference for this election yet??

4:17 pm: Get Election Day results for the latest races, bond, amendments, special elections etc. here»

4:00 pm: RT @krqevallez: Looks like a record number of voters will turn out for the late term abortion ban..the latest live from the polls on News 13 @ 4

3:26 pm: RT @SamanthaKRQE: Don’t forget to vote on the late term #abortionban today in #ABQ! I was at the polls this morning http://ow.ly/qZpfd

3:09 pm: RT @TinaJensenKRQE: I will be live from the @ProtectABQ election night headquarters tonight for the latest results in the election. #ABQ

2:17 pm: As of now 17,238 voters have cast their ballots. According to the city clerk, Montgomery crossing, Daskalos, Jefferson Middle and Monzano Mesa voting locations have the highest volume so far.

1:15 pm: Life Legal Defense Foundation has announced that they are preparing to defend any legal challenges that follow the possible passage of the late-term abortion ban.

12:34 pm: About 8,600 voters have voted citywide.


12:19 pm: Photo ID is required to vote in City of Albuquerque elections. For more information»

11:42 am: RT @lmitri_krqe: Waiting to do a liveshot at noon. Luckily it’s a beautiful day! #electionday


11:17 am: RT @mattatkrqe: Get out and vote today in #abq!  Late-term abortion ban on the ballot and a city council run-off election in District 7, Uptown area

10:40 am: Voters continue to head to the polls Tuesday in the city of Albuquerque’s special election.


10:38 am: Registered voters can vote at any 50 Vote Centers on that day. Voters are deciding whether to ban late-term abortion in Albuquerque.

10:36 am: Election Day in the City of Albuquerque’s Special Election is November 19, 2013. The ballot includes a measure that would ban late-term abortions. Also at stake is the political balance on the Albuquerque City Council the runoff election between Democrat Diane Gibson and Republican Janice Arnold-Jones to represent the Uptown area. Arnold-Jones fell just short of the 50 percent needed to avoid a runoff during the three-way contest in the Oct.8 municipal election.


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