Saturday Balloon Fiesta

October 12th, 2013 at 5:33 am by under Latest Posts

9:05am: Please join us tomorrow from 7-9am on for the last day of the Balloon Fiesta.


8:47am: Lisa Mulder talks about pins! And yes, she does have a Breaking Bad pin.


8:40am:  Matt singing Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker.


8:27am If you can make it to the Balloon Fiesta, and would like to try new food (that is not a breakfast burrito) try the arepas at Heydi’s Latin Grill!



8:14am: It’s a big crowd here today!


8:00am: If you do come to the Balloon Fiesta but you forget your hat, don’t worry! You can get one of these awesome hats at the Crazy Hats booth on Vendor Row.



7:50am: Roger brings a hawk to set!


7:33am: Matt and Chad chat it up with the newly re-elected Mayor, Richard Berry.


7:24am: Matt and Chad talking to Tom Garrity.


7:12am: Crowds cheer as the balloons go up.

photo (5)

7:04am: The Balloon of the Day is the Dos Equis Balloon carries the flag.  Catch the live broadcast on KRQE.
photo (4)

6:55am: Dawn Patrol goes up.

photo (2)

6:12am: The pilots gather for the pilot’s briefing this morning.

5:50am: Join Chad and Matt from 7-9am on KRQE broadcasting live from the Balloon Fiesta.


5:33am: The second to last day of the Balloon Fiesta! Stay with us as we report the latest live from Balloon Fiesta park!

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