Day 1 at Balloon Fiesta

October 5th, 2013 at 5:36 am by under Latest Posts, Photos

Thanks for joining us online this morning. Later today there is the America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race Inflation at 2:00pm and this evening a Balloon Glow. Join us again tomorrow for more coverage of the 2013 Balloon Fiesta.


8:49 am Spider Pig and the famous Bee’s are inflating on the field.

8:41 am Angry Bird and the Humming Bird make their debut at the Balloon Fiesta


8:33 am Darth Vader makes his way across Albuquerque skies


8:26 am Creamland “Airabelle” inflates and the crowd roars with loud cheers


8:24 It’s time for lift-off with the clock balloon, called Tick-Tock


8:17 am The sky fills with balloons on a clear morning in Albuquerque


8:09 am Angry Birds balloon is on the field


7:55 am Special shapes take to the air. A fan favorite is the Zebra balloon


7:45 am Jill Lane with special guest Travelin’ Jack, New Mexico’s Roving Bulldog Reporter join us at Balloon Fiesta


7:40 am Humpty Dumpty lifts off


7:32 am John Garcia New Mexico Economic Development joins Matt and Kristen on set


7:28 am Balloons begin to inflate on field. There  is a large crowd this morning on the field.


7:12 am @krqe13katie Doesn’t get more #newmexico than this! Balloons dot a beautiful sunrise #abq #balloonfiesta

7:09 am. Balloon Fiesta ascension is at pilot’s discretion. The flag on the field is green.

7:03am Green Flag is up and waving in the wind.  The surface winds are about 5 knots. There is no Albuquerque Box this morning and there is a drainage wind. Balloons flying will be heading downtown and towards the Sunport.

6:55 am Dawn Patrol takes off


6:40 am No launch as of yet. waiting on dawn patrol to get a better reading. pilots will go to their spots and will know if mass ascension from the field. If there is no launch this morning there will be static display.

6:10am Conditions aloft aren’t looking too favorable but we’ll find out more shortly. 9,000ft above sea level or about 4,000ft above ABQ winds are 19 knots.


6:00am There is only a slight breeze this morning at the pilot briefing tower.


5:40am Heading to pilot briefing shortly.  Crews at the KRQE News 13 set are preparing for our live show this morning.

The first day of Balloon Fiesta has arrived! Its the 42nd year and we are all hoping for an Enchanted Sunrise.

Traffic is the big item at this point and there are a lot more people at the park early this year than we have ever seen.

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