A Few Weekend Storms

August 2nd, 2013 at 2:55 pm by under Weather

The monsoon flow will stay in place through the weekend.  This flow will not be particularly deep so storms will be scattered versus widespread.  The areas most likely to see storms will set from NE to SW across the state.  Slow moving storms are likely to touch off some flooding concerns with the burn scars being most vulnerable.   Highs over the weekend will be in the low 90′s.

Next week looks very interesting.  There is some indication that a storm could push into the west coast.  If this happens it will likely bounce high pressure farther east.  This will open the door for deep monsoonal moisture to invade the state from the south.  Look for a sharp increase storms from Wednesday on.

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  1. Paul Lyons says:

    Hello Mark,

    Enjoy your forecasting. I wanted to become a meteorologist but chose Forestry instead.. I am retired from forestry and kind of wished I had gone into meteorology…even though I enjoyed forestry. I’m a weather nut!

    I’m an avid hiker (65 years of age). My wife (49) and I hike hundreds of miles each year. It is frustrating when the forecast calls for clear skies and I end up dodging lightning and downpours in the mountains as I did in Colorado just last week. It would be really neat if you guys were able to give some spot weather forecasts for the mountains for hikers (even if they covered a small hiking area i.e. Hiking to Wheeler Peak or some other frequented hiking area)…that would probably substantially increase KRQE’s audience. There are thousands of back country hikers that would benefit from that type of service…your thoughts!?

    Last week when I hiked to Columbine lake (12,766′) near Silverton Co. I told my wife that even though it was mostly clear I felt like it was going to rain so we needed to be off the mountain by 1:30. As soon as we hit the trees coming down the mountain lightning started popping everywhere…thankfully we made it to the trees before that happened…


    Paul Lyons

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