Levi Chavez Trial, Day 22

July 15th, 2013 at 10:28 am by under Latest Posts

Monday, the jury will start deliberating the fate of a former Albuquerque cop accused of murdering his wife. On Friday, Levi Chavez’s defense attorney and prosecutors made their final arguments to the jury.

Levi Chavez is accused of shooting and killing 26-year-old Tera Chavez with his department-issued handgun in their Los Lunas home, and of trying to make her death look like a suicide because prosecutors say she was about to report him for insurance fraud. He is charged with first-degree murder and evidence tampering.

Updates: KRQE News 13 Reporter Alex Goldsmith @alexg_reporter is at the courthouse and is staying updated on the Levi Chavez trial.

  • Jurors are officially leaving for the day. No verdict. Again, they won’t resume until 1 tomorrow. #LeviChavez
  • Conflicting report from court staff.  Stay tuned. #LeviChavez
  • Hearing the jury is officially done deliberating for the day. Also hearing they won’t resume until 1pm. #LeviChavez
  • It’s past 4 and we’re still waiting … watching locked, blacked out courtroom. No verdict yet. #LeviChavez
  • It appears the window was covered to allow the jury to use the courtroom. #LeviChavez
  • Since the camera’s off, it’s completely impossible to see or hear anything going on in court during jury deliberations. #LeviChavez
  • The one-way window into the locked courtroom has just been blocked with paper. Not sure if there’s anything to see anyway… #LeviChavez
  • Being told the jury was just given a smoke break. #LeviChavez
  • Unclear where the #LeviChavez jurors are going.
  • Just spotted the jury being led out of the jury room with the bailiff right behind. #LeviChavez
  • Unclear what the jury wanted, but a bailiff just took an envelope of evidence back into the jury room. #LeviChavez
  • For anyone watching the live stream, the court is temporarily being used for another case. The bars are up for a reason. #LeviChavez
  • A mostly empty courtroom here in Bernalillo to start the first day of jury deliberations. #LeviChavez


4 Responses to “Levi Chavez Trial, Day 22”

  1. Andee says:

    A smoke break? Really? Didn’t think anyone but the homeless smoked anymore.

  2. Stayce says:

    I will be stunned if he is found guilty. The prosecution team acted like children when he was testifying.

  3. Lori says:

    There are quite a few closet smokers.they just don’t admit it. And they are definitely not homeless.

  4. Holly says:

    Half of Hollywood smokes..they’re far from Homeless..What kind of box do you live in? Seriously? Homeless can’t afford an expensive cigarette..ROTL

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