City offers sandbags, flood warning

July 13th, 2013 at 2:46 pm by under Latest Posts

The monsoon season is here, and sandbags and sand are available at Albuquerque fire stations for residents in flood-prone areas of the city, the Albuquerque Fire Department reports.

The caveats:  You have to fill the bags.  You’re asked to take only as many as you need.  All stations have sandbags, but not every station has sand.

For a list of stations and sand sites download this PDF from or visit the city of Albuquerque flood-safety website.

AFD also is reminding residents of the danger of playing in and around arroyos and flood-control channels, which can fill rapidly during cloudbursts and sweep people away miles downstream where it may not be raining.

Among the safety tips:

  • Practice constant, adult supervision around any body of water, including pools and spas.
  • Arroyo, River or Ditches – Never play in or around arroyos. The water can travel from 3-30mph.
  • Be careful! Even when arroyos are dry, they can flood very quickly
  • If caught in the flowing water, float on your back, feet downstream
  • Call for help
  • Stay calm
  • Avoid bridge supports and debris, use feet to push off
  • Stay floating on your back until the water slows down
  • Do not try to swim or stand up until the water slows
  • Reach for a rope or other object when near you
  • Never attempt a rescue, you may become the next victim

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