Levi Chavez Trial, Live Blog Day 19

July 10th, 2013 at 9:28 am by under Latest Posts

KRQE News 13 Reporters Amanda Goodman and Alex Goldsmith are in the courtroom covering the Levi Chavez trial.

Levi Chavez is accused of shooting and killing 26-year-old Tera Chavez with his department-issued handgun in their Los Lunas home, and of trying to make her death look like a suicide because prosecutors say she was about to report him for insurance fraud. He is charged with first-degree murder and evidence tampering.

Live Updates @krqe_agoodman, @alexg_reporter #LeviChavez (most recent updates are displayed first)

  • eke.. really going now.. getting late. #LeviChavez
  • again things get heated as #LeviChavez says ‘let me speak to my jury!” when McKay cuts him off
  • McKay hammering #LeviChavez on his statement that he wanted to move on from ‘his old ways’ points out he called Romero & Heather, many times
  • Have to leave to get ready to be on TV now… check out the live stream on krqe.com and I’ll see you at 4 & 5:30
  • Yikes already things getting heated between McKay & #LeviChavez
  • court taking a 15 minute recess #LeviChavez
  • Serna asks #LeviChavez point blank, did you kill the mother of your children, your wife, Tera Chavez? He says “No, I did not.”
  • Here is a direct link to the live stream…krqe.com/subindex/video… #LeviChavez
  • Judge calling out the state for laughing, snickering things getting heated #LeviChavez
  • #LeviChavez points loses train of thought says, “I’m sorry, they’re laughing”… judge calls for recess.
  • #LeviChavez says he never deleted any internet files off his laptop… says he wouldn’t know how.
  • Serna now bringing up computer searches… #LeviChavez
  • #LeviChavez says he didn’t really know what to do, turned to God.
  • #LeviChavez says he really was not happy with the man he was before Tera died, said he didn’t want to live his life like that anymore.
  • #LeviChavez says Heather helped her with some things he was grappling with bc her father committed suicide.
  • Serna now asking #LeviChavez when he had his first face to face meeting with Heather, his current wife, says it was early October.
  • #LeviChavez says he met up with Katrina a couple weeks after Tera’s death & they were intimate.
  • #LeviChavez getting emotional again in speaking about a letter he wrote to the Cordova family..
  • #LeviChavez says he had nothing to hide, wanted the investigation to be over quick so he could move on.
  • #LeviChavez says he never thought he would ‘be here talking to a jury’
  • #LeviChavez says he got rid of the cabinet where he stored the glock bc he thought it was ‘like cursed or something’
  • #LeviChavez says he was always respectful to Tera’s family before she died & that they were civil toward him.
  • #LeviChavez says when he found out about $100k policy didn’t think it mattered bc Tera committed suicide, so didn’t think it would cover it
  • #LeviChavez claims he didn’t know he had life insurance through the guard
  • #LeviChavez says he never had life insurance with APD, Aviation Police or Rio Rancho Police or a private policy.
  • Serna now asking #LeviChavez about his life insurance …
  • #LeviChavez now describing items in the ‘cabinet’ one was a liner for his bullet proof vest
  • #LeviChavez says he had no idea Tera kept a diary.. wasn’t until years later he found that out and found out about the notes.
  • #LeviChavez says he never saw the two notes Tera wrote the night he found her dead.
  • … if you don’t feel like reading my tweets… krqe.com is live streaming :)
  • #LeviChavez says he left the gun in the house bc there was an attempted break-in & the truck was stolen wanted her to have protection.
  • #LeviChavez claims he had turned off his phone a few times in October bc Tera would call non-stop
  • Serna is getting confused with the names.. has called Tera Rose and now Heather… #LeviChavez
  • About ready to start again here… #LeviChavez back on the stand, waiting on judge & jury.
  • Lunch break… Serna will continue with #LeviChavez on the stand after lunch. court resumes at 1:30
  • #LeviChavez says he knew of Nick Wheeler, man Tera had an affair with, but not personally.
  • #LeviChavez said he didn’t think Tera was seeing anyone else said, “I thought she was obsessed with trying to get me back”
  • #LeviChavez says his friend took care of Tera’s funeral arrangements says he didn’t have much to do with it.
  • Tera’s mom just left the courtroom #LeviChavez
  • #LeviChavez says he couldn’t explain to Tera’s family why she killed herself, says he felt terrible.
  • #LeviChavez says his daughter who was about 10 at the time understood, but his son did not.
  • #LeviChavez says he told his two kids the next morning saying their mom was in heaven and they wouldn’t be able to see her again.
  • There is a stark contrast between #LeviChavez family & Tera’s family during his testimony
  • #LeviChavez emotional again as he talks about his kids coming to Los Lunas that night.
  • #LeviChavez says his mom picked him up from the house.. went to her house to wait up for the kids.
  • #LeviChavez seems to be composing himself now talking about the interview he did with Det. Aaron Jones at the house after finding Tera.
  • #LeviChavez‘s wife & mom both in tears as they watch his emotional testimony.
  • #LeviChavez says he felt responsible for Tear’s death.. saying he should have answered the phone.
  • #LeviChavez says he did not remember calling 911
  • #LeviChavez says when we first walked in the bedroom was relieved cause he thought Tera was watching TV.
  • #LeviChavez now having a hard time getting through testimony.. taking long pauses.
  • #LeviChavez emotional again as he talks about driving up to the house and seeing it was dark.
  • #LeviChavez says he was afraid after not hearing from Tera.. says he went to his house..he is tearing up again.
  • #LeviChavez says it was odd that he didn’t get anymore texts from Tera says she never stopped.
  • #LeviChavez says he erased all the vm’s Tera left for him says she was threatening to hurt herself, calling him names, he just erased them.
  • #LeviChavez‘s eyes are bloodshot, watery.. says when he turned his phone back on got ‘a wave of texts’ from Tera.
  • #LeviChavez says he left Debra’s place and went straight to his mom’s in Los Lunas.
  • #LeviChavez now talking about what he & Romero did that Sunday morning/afternoon. they went to breakfast, the mall, saw a movie.
  • #LeviChavez says he turned off his phone so he didn’t have to explain to Romero what was going, says he knew Tera’s calls wouldn’t stop
  • #LeviChavez says Tera’s texts were a combo of love, hate, fear says it was ‘like a wave’
  • not sure how the jury is taking this all in.. #LeviChavez has cried a few times already.
  • more tears… #LeviChavez starts crying when saying he would just hit the end button when she called him that Saturday.
  • #LeviChavez says he did not answer any of the 176 calls Tera made to him that Saturday.
  • #LeviChavez says he was not in Los Lunas at all on Saturday Oct. 20, 07.
  • Serna says #LeviChavez received 176 calls from Tera on Saturday Oct. 20, 07.
  • #LeviChavez says he never left his area command during his shift on Oct. 20, 2007
  • #LeviChavez says he and Perea didn’t really know each other.
  • Now up to Saturday morning.. Oct. 20, 2007 #LeviChavez
  • #LeviChavez says he spent Friday night, the whole night, at Debra Romero’s house.
  • #LeviChavez says he got his days mixed up during the civil depo, thought they were talking about Saturday.
  • Serna now addressing the fact that #LeviChavez told the civil attorney’s he wasn’t in Los Lunas Friday.
  • #LeviChavez says he was never late to work, and never ‘cut out’ early.
  • Ok things back underway with #LeviChavez on the stand.
  • Judge coming back into courtroom… jury is on its way.. comprised of 14 women, 4 men 12 jurors & 6 alternates #LeviChavez
  • Judge Calls for 15 minute recess. #LeviChavez
  • #LeviChavez says he stopped at WalMart in Los Lunas on his way to work… previously he said he wasn’t in Los Lunas at all on Friday…
  • #LeviChavez says he was not sleeping with anyone else while he was seeing Debra Romero– he was still married though.
  • #LeviChavez says he previously spent the night at Debra Romero’s once previously but had ‘a couple late nights there’ also.
  • Ok Serna back to asking #LeviChavez about the weekend Tera died..
  • #LeviChavez says to his knowledge prior to Tera’s death she had never fired his APD issued gun.
  • #LeviChavez says he also carried a personal weapon while at Aviation Police which he was qualified on.
  • Serna now walking #LeviChavez through the weekend Tera died
  • #LeviChavez says Slama never told him that Tera mentioned anything about a stolen truck to him.
  • #LeviChavez says he wanted nothing to do with Slama after Tera died.
  • #LeviChavez says he never told Slama he was home when Tera killed herself as Slama testified.
  • #LeviChavez‘s current wife Heather ‘Hindi’ Chavez in the courtroom.
  • #LeviChavez says his relationship with Slama was purely sexual.
  • #LeviChavez just wiped away tears..
  • #LeviChavez puts his head down starts to tear up again and says he felt very upset about his relationship with Slama.
  • #LeviChavez says his relationship with Rose Slama started after she texted him and she ‘came over’
  • #LeviChavez just wiped his head with a tissue.. he is sweating a bit.
  • #LeviChavez says he cheated on Tera when they broke up, says Tera was aware of that.
  • #LeviChavez says whenever he would leave he would tell himself he wasn’t going to go back but Tera would pressure him & he would go back.
  • #LeviChavez says Tera threatened to hurt herself ‘countless times’
  • #LeviChavez says Tera would make threats of hurting herself when they got in fights.. state objects calls it hearsay Judge sustains.
  • #LeviChavez says he & Tera never really talked about their probs bc they would end up in a fight.. says he would end up just leaving.
  • #LeviChavez says the couple never went to marriage or couples counseling…
  • #LeviChavez says Tera was kind of unmotivated, says she was scared to try new things and they fought about it.
  • #LeviChavez says while they were never rich things started to turn around financially for them in 2005 when he started making better money.
  • #LeviChavez got a little teary eyed when saying he wasn’t there for Tera as much as she should have been
  • #LeviChavez says Tera had a mild case of cerebral palsy. Did not know that.
  • #LeviChavez says their relationship was strained after they moved back to Los Lunas in 2004
  • #LeviChavez says they separated for about 5 months when he was sent to California during his military career.
  • #LeviChavez says he and Tera started having problems about a year into their marriage.
  • #LeviChavez seems very calm on the stand.
  • #LeviChavez says he dropped out of high school in 98, got his GED and joined the military.. he is making eye contact with the jury.
  • #LeviChavez says Tera was 15 when she got pregnant with her first child.
  • #LeviChavez says he met Tera when he was 16 and she was 15 in Los Lunas
  • Serna taking #LeviChavez through his background..
  • #LeviChavez just sworn in
  • Collective gasp from reporters as Serna tells the Judge he plans to call #LeviChavez
  • #LeviChavez taking the stand.
  • Wondering if all these people in the courtroom will get up and leave if #LeviChavez doesn’t take the stand…
  • Judge Eichwald had drug court this morning which is why things are getting underway a bit later. People filing in now #LeviChavez
  • Good morning! there are a LOT of people in the courthouse today.. perhaps to get a peek at #LeviChavez if he takes the stand?

6 Responses to “Levi Chavez Trial, Live Blog Day 19”

  1. Dolores Baca says:

    It is unfortunate that every person in this country is considered guilty before having an opportunity to prove their innocence in a court of law. The media has tried this case and has already convicted the defendant. The District Attorney should be ashamed of themselves for wasting hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. This is purely malicious prosecution. Shame shame

  2. Josh says:

    I hope they fry this guy! APD needs to flush their force down toilet and hire people to protect and serve! Right now they are the same scum as many they arrest.

    1. Dennis says:

      What I don’t understand is why these cops who are so trigger-happy don’t shoot for the legs? Is it absolutely necessary to shoot someone to death if the bad guy has a knife and threatening police officers? I say give those trigger-happy cops rubber bullets! Why don’t they use their tazers first? To protect and serve. Who?? The cops?

  3. Dennis says:

    He tried to lie to the insurance company about his truck. He cheated on his wife how many times during their marriage??And they give him a gun to protect and serve us? And he’s married again?? How far can you trust a guy like this? I have yet to see any remorse from him.

  4. Dolores Baca says:

    A jury of his peers have rendered their verdict! It is a beautiful day for every innocent man, most especially Levi Chavez because he has been vindicated. In response to “Dennis.” Remorse? Are you kidding me?

    1. Dennis Vigil says:

      In reply to Dolores…

      I will not lower myself with a comment regarding your views. Everyone has their own opinion.

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