Levi Chavez Trial, Live Blog Day 18

July 9th, 2013 at 9:43 am by under Latest Posts

KRQE News 13 Reporters Amanda Goodman and Alex Goldsmith are in the courtroom covering the Levi Chavez trial.

Levi Chavez is accused of shooting and killing 26-year-old Tera Chavez with his department-issued handgun in their Los Lunas home, and of trying to make her death look like a suicide because prosecutors say she was about to report him for insurance fraud. He is charged with first-degree murder and evidence tampering.

Live Updates @krqe_agoodman, @alexg_reporter #LeviChavez (most recent updates are displayed first)

  • Attorneys & Judge now going over jury instructions.. The jury has been excused until tomorrow morning though. #LeviChavez
  • So… the only other witness Serna is considering putting on the stand is #LeviChavez, he wants to sleep on it
  • That was quick.. Samantha done testifying..#LeviChavez
  • Serna asking her about her interview with Det. Jones from 07 where she told him #LeviChavez left a gun at the home for Tera.
  • Samantha Wheeler now taking the stand.. for the second time, this time as a defense witness#LeviChavez
  • Serna says close to wrapping his case.. says he wants to give #LeviChavez the night to think about taking the stand..
  • Ok now the full court is in recess. #LeviChavez #lunchbreak
  • Defense finishes with Dr. Wetli, he steps down. Jury is excused until 1:15 but Serna has a ‘few issues’ he wants to discuss #LeviChavez
  • oh man.. photo of Tera’s tongue (no longer in her mouth) back up for the court.. can’t.look. #LeviChavez
  • Serna was upset w/ media coverage of McCann’s failed gun demo, saying it was not a demo, never asked him to demo it 4 jury #LeviChavez
  • Sorry my internet is going in and out.. Serna now on re-direct with Dr. Wetli #LeviChavez
  • Serna now backtracking. saying he never had McCann demonstrate how you could fire and press magazine release at same time #LeviChavez
  • Serna again objects … Judge calling for a recess now. #LeviChavez
  • … slow goings on this cross… everyone up at the bench AGAIN #LeviChavez
  • Keener was mentioning that the DNA expert could not say whether Tera’s DNA found on the gun came from blood or another source #LeviChavez
  • 2nd objection from Serna.. at the bench now #LeviChavez
  • Keener going after Dr. Wetli on cross… Serna has already objected once, Judge has also called for bench conference #LeviChavez
  • Serna finished with direct, Prosecutor Keener to handle cross of Dr. Wetli for the state #LeviChavez
  • Dr. Wetli says he found no evidence to suggest the death of Tera Chavez was a homicide #LeviChavez
  • Dr. Wetli now describing how he came to the conclusion Tera held the gun upside down with her thumb on the trigger #LeviChavez
  • Serna finally comes out and asks Dr. Wetli directly if he believes this was a self inflicted gunshot wound, He responds ‘yes’ #LeviChavez
  • Dr. Wetli says based on the location of the dark spot/injury to tongue proves the gun was far inside her mouth #LeviChavez
  • … oh boy.. now showing Tera’s tongue, it is not in her mouth #LeviChavez
  • … now asking Dr. Wetli about the photo of Tera’s tongue from the autopsy… #LeviChavez
  • Dr. Wetli says it appears as though the gun was pretty far inside Tera’s mouth perhaps as far as it could go #LeviChavez
  • Serna asking Dr. Wetli about the condition of Tera’s teeth #LeviChavez
  • Jury coming back now.. Dr. Wetli still on the stand on direct by Serna #LeviChavez
  • Jury needs a break… Judge calls for a recess #LeviChavez
  • Dr. Wetli says the notes found at the scene are consistent with someone who would be susceptible to taking their own life #LeviChavez
  • Serna walking Dr. Wetli through the OMI’s autopsy report #LeviChavez
  • Dr. Wetli says all the injuries in/around Tera’s mouth were consistent with a suicide #LeviChavez
  • Dr. Wetli, like McCann last week, says he believes Tera shot herself with the gun upside down & her thumb on the trigger #LeviChavez
  • Dr. Wetli says after reviewing all the materials in this case he didn’t find any evidence that this was a staged or fake suicide #LeviChavez
  • Dr. Wetli says he has personally performed about 7,500 autopsies supervised thousands more.#LeviChavez
  • Dr. Wetli listing all the documents, reports, depositions, etc., he reviewed in this case.#LeviChavez
  • Dr. Wetli says he was retained by a civil attorney to review the case #LeviChavez
  • Dr. Wetli qualified as an expert.. now starting to talk about #LeviChavez case
  • Serna taking Dr. Wetli through his background to qualify him as an expert. #LeviChavez
  • Defense calls Dr. Charles Wetli, Forensic Pathologist #LeviChavez
  • Jury now coming out.. Wheeler has been excused until this afternoon. Defense expert will be up first this am. #LeviChavez
  • Judge says he will allow Wheeler to be recalled & state can cross but cannot ask her whether Tera ever shot that gun #LeviChavez
  • Judge asking Serna how he can avoid hearsay from Wheeler if she is allowed to be recalled#LeviChavez
  • To be fair… McKay has posed that question a few times before last wk, I’ve tweeted about it & reported on it in our coverage #LeviChavez
  • McKay now saying he’s posed the same question to other witnesses & its not his fault Serna was not paying attention #LeviChavez
  • Serna’s beef is w/ the state saying last week on cross that #LeviChavez is the only one who claimed his dept., issued gun was at the house.
  • Serna says they want to put Samantha Wheeler back on the stand bc she knew #LeviChavez left a gun in the house for Tera.
  • State says Wheeler was permanently excused already & that the defense should not be able to recall her #LeviChavez
  • So looks like Samantha Wheeler was served with a subpoena over the weekend by the defense…#LeviChavez She had been previously released
  • Good morning from Day 18 at the #LeviChaveztrial… things about ready to get underway here

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