Recycling & Reusing Moisture for Storms…

July 7th, 2013 at 4:43 pm by under Weather

An area of high pressure continues to meander over New Mexico.  This system has heated us back up into the 90s, but its also keeping a fresh supply of moisture from moving into the region.  But, there’s still a lot of moisture left over in New Mexico. So when we get the daytime heating thunderstorms begin to fire first over the mountains and then eventually they’ll move away from the higher terrain giving lower elevations chances for more rain.

The bad news is as this high pressure system sits on top of us the steering current to move the storms along isn’t very strong.  So flash flooding is a problem for Sunday and it’ll likely continue to be an issue into the middle of the week.

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  1. BeccaM says:

    Midway between Tijeras and Edgewood here, and we just had a heck of a downpour over the last 90 minutes (7/7, 5pm now). 0.7in according to our Vantage Vue weather station, and from the look of the radar map, folks east of us were hammered even harder.

    No flooding here, but the culverts and arroyos are running strongly. Definitely a good idea after this is over to check the drains and culverts for any blockages that will need clearing.

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