Levi Chavez trial, live blog day 17

July 3rd, 2013 at 9:38 am by under Latest Posts

KRQE News 13 Reporters Amanda Goodman and Alex Goldsmith are in the courtroom covering the Levi Chavez trial.

Levi Chavez is accused of shooting and killing 26-year-old Tera Chavez with his department-issued handgun in their Los Lunas home, and of trying to make her death look like a suicide because prosecutors say she was about to report him for insurance fraud. He is charged with first-degree murder and evidence tampering.

Live Updates @krqe_agoodman, @alexg_reporter #LeviChavez (most recent updates are displayed first)

  • Judge says the court will be in recess until Tuesday at 9am.. between holiday, & his docket that’s what was worked out #LeviChavez
  • Alright McCann is finished.. #LeviChavez
  • McKay finished with cross.. Serna now on re-direct again back to the ‘cadaveric spasm’ issue #LeviChavez
  • McKay once again brings up the fact that #LeviChavez is the only one who claims his dept., issued gun was at the house.
  • McKay having a field day with McCann’s testimony, just getting after him #LeviChavez
  • McKay trying to poke holes in McCann’s ‘no signs of a struggle’ says if Tera was asleep she might not have had time to react #LeviChavez
  • McKay up now on cross with McCann… #LeviChavez
  • McCann now explaining other ways the magazine may have become ‘unseated’ says it could have hit the remote, her body. #LeviChavez
  • McCann believes Tera shot herself with the gun upside down.. #LeviChavez doing a demo for the jury now
  • State objecting to Serna’s line of questioning about ‘cadaveric spasm’ at the bench working it out now. #levichavez live
  • McCann says he has seen a ‘cadaveric spasm’ twice in his career including this case… claims Tera had one after she died #LeviChavez
  • Judge calls a 5-10 minute break. #LeviChavez
  • McCann was trying to demonstrate that it was possible for Tera to accidentally hit magazine release while shooting herself. #LeviChavez
  • McCann having difficulty demonstrating somebody squeezing the trigger and hitting the magazine release button. #LeviChavez
  • McCann demonstrating position of the gun, scenario Tera the defense believes Tera was holding it in. #LeviChavez
  • McCann: Blood stain on magazine could’ve been created if magazine was seated. Contradict’s state firearms expert’s opinion #LeviChavez
  • McCann: #LeviChavez reporting someone shot in the head on 9-1-1 tape in low light not unusual given Tera’s appearance.
  • McCann: Elliptical blood stain prosecution expert found suspicious explainable based on movement of bedding. #LeviChavez
  • McCann: Partial prints on gun tell him gun wasn’t wiped clean, exactly what he’d expect. #LeviChavez
  • McCann: Blood swipe in the upper corner of Tera’s bed was result of evidence collection, not Tera’s death. #LeviChavez
  • Judge Eichwald unplugged the interrupting phone. #LeviChavez
  • An odd interruption… The judge’s phone seemed to pick up and play busy signals over the courtroom PA. #LeviChavez
  • McCann: Small details like rocks in the bottom of a lamp, cosmetics, lamp cord, all nice and neat. #LeviChavez
  • McCann: “Where’s the fight?” Says there would’ve been a struggle if #LeviChavez murdered Tera.
  • McCann: Chavez home didn’t appear to be staged, “cleaned up” #LeviChavez
  • Jury is being brought back. McCann still on the stand. #LeviChavez
  • The main witness monitor will have to be tilted so the jury can see it. Not an ideal solution, but it’ll do. #LeviChavez
  • It doesn’t look like we’ll have to change rooms… A combination of TV crews and court staff got the main witness monitor up. #LeviChavez
  • Just told we are changing courtrooms due to problems with courtroom monitors, plan is to start back up at 1PM after everyone moves over.
  • Court in recess while technical issues are sorted out. #LeviChavez
  • McCann: No evidence of struggle, no evidence of break-in, movement of body, something that appeared to be staged. #LeviChavez
  • McCann talking about #LeviChavez case now.
  • McCann: Typically a third party is enrolled to find deceased in suicide staging cases. #LeviChavez
  • McCann: Offenders trying to stage a crime scene create what they imagine in their mind. But puzzle pieces need to fit together. #LeviChavez
  • McCann testifies he’s reviewed just about every piece of evidence in case, including plenty not introduced in criminal trial. #LeviChavez
  • Serna is walking McCann through his resume… This is taking a while. #LeviChavez
  • Defense witness is Larry McCann, violent crime consultant, analyzes crimes, former VA State Police. #LeviChavez
  • Jury coming in now. #LeviChavez
  • Judge rules state can ask expert how much defense is paying him, not how much the city paid him. #LeviChavez
  • Judge asking expert to present him with his bill for services to the defense in the criminal case. #LeviChavez
  • State: Serna had a chance to strike the juror in question and decided not to. That issue’s past and gone. #LeviChavez
  • Serna expressing concern that a juror was upset about the amount of money spent by the city on defending #LeviChavez
  • Serna argued that expert should be allowed to talk about membership with forensics group he resigned from. Judge says no. #LeviChavez
  • State doesn’t want defense forensics expert to say he only takes cases he believes in. #LeviChavez
  • Judge is on the bench, Serna has an issue before the jury can come in. #LeviChavez
  • Defense expert looking through exhibits. Judge, jury not in court yet. #LeviChavez

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