More Rain Ahead?

July 1st, 2013 at 10:33 pm by under Weather

A crop of widespread thunderstorms rolled through New Mexico once again on Monday. The storms moved from north to south across the state spreading heavy rain in many areas. Here in the Albuquerque area we didn’t pick up too many showers but the chance for storms will continue Tuesday and Wednesday.

A side benefit of the storms is decreased temperatures cross most of the state highs will top out in the next few days in the mid 80s definitely below average for this time of year. By the time we get to the Fourth of July chance for showers will slowly diminish but scattered storms remain possible throughout the holiday weekend.

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  1. Maureen Hamilton says:

    Hey Mark, remember the huge moth lady up in Mountainair? I still follow your forecasts but technology is sweeping past me. Neil and I basically live in the 19th century (not even the 20th) running a mule and donkey rescue. I have had for years an idea: Flood to Drought. There are millions of miles of decommissioned gas pipelines crossing this continent. People in the east are being fiscally ruined by flood; in the west firefighters are burning to death fighting fires in forest that cannot sustain life. we don’t even have a cell phone (no one calls us), I watch incredibly useless ideas “go viral” daily. Surely someone like yourself could try to spark this idea. America is known for inqenuity, people will embrace ideas that serve their self-interest. Could you spark a weather revolution? I truly mean a fundamental new concept in weather. Its a huge undertaking, but all the infrastructure is there. It just requires a Thomas Jefferson, an Abe Lincoln, to show the masses a different way. (yes, you have impressed me for years with your intelligence and sparkling personality). Take this viral, it could literally mean the difference between life and death in great parts of this country’s geography. My land line is 847-0006. would you give it a whirl? very seriously, Maureen Hamilton

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