Reverse Monsoon Pattern Continues…

June 30th, 2013 at 3:40 pm by under Weather

Its not a monsoon pattern, but it’s working none the less to give us a daily chance for scattered storms.  Some of the storms at times can be strong to severe producing hail, winds in excess of 60 mph, blowing dust, heavy rain, and frequent lightning.  By no means will everyone see rain everyday over the next few days, but the chance will be there for storms to continue to pop-up during the heating of the day in the afternoon.

The trend has been for storms to fire around lunch time over the mountains and then move away from the mountains.  This will continue at least into the middle of the week.  By the 4th of July and into the weekend, storm activity will come down a bit, but there will still be just enough left over moisture to spark some spotty storms.

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