Levi Chavez trial, live blog day 10

June 24th, 2013 at 9:30 am by under Latest Posts

KRQE News 13 Reporters Amanda Goodman  and  Alex Goldsmith are in the courtroom covering the Levi Chavez trial.

Levi Chavez is accused of shooting and killing 26-year-old Tera Chavez with his department-issued handgun in their Los Lunas home, and of trying to make her death look like a suicide because prosecutors say she was about to report him for insurance fraud. He is charged with first-degree murder and evidence tampering.

Live Updates @krqe_agoodman, @alexg_reporter #LeviChavez (most recent updates are displayed first)

  • Ok, Judge says juror had to leave early for a health issue.. court is in recess until tomorrow morning… #LeviChavez
  • Prosecutors, defense & #LeviChavez just went into the Judge’s chambers…
  • Alright morning session over.. jurors will read affidavit from insurance worker then come back in the afternoon #LeviChavez
  • Court back in session.. Judge reading stipulation to jury– wants them to read an affidavit #LeviChavez
  • Samantha Wheeler done with testimony– steps down now taking a break so state can get its next witness in order #LeviChavez
  • Samantha was at one point concerned with Tera’s mental health, even offered to go to dr., with her #LeviChavez
  • Serna asking about Samantha’s role in Tera’s wedding, she was her maid of honor. #LeviChavez
  • Serna reading from VCSO intv transcript where Samantha said she could see Tera overdosing or slitting her wrists but not shooting herself.
  • Samantha suggested Tera dump, or leave #LeviChavez says she wouldn’t though bc she loved him.
  • Samantha says ‘Tera loved hard’ #LeviChavez
  • Serna asking Samantha whether she knew Tera had another affair with someone besides Nick.. #LeviChavez
  • Serna getting ready for cross… taking his time though.. #LeviChavez
  • Samantha says Tera did not like guns also says she did not believe it was a suicide. #LeviChavez
  • Samantha sent a 2nd message the night her husband told her about the affair saying ‘you’re no better than #LeviChavez‘ bc she cheated too.
  • Samantha says she texted Tera after she died– sent her 2 msgs one said she was going to miss her #LeviChavez
  • Samantha says when she found out about Tera’s passing she ‘cried instantly’ #LeviChavez
  • Samantha says Tera told her about the affair in August of 2007 #LeviChavez
  • Samantha was Tera’s friend, Tera had an affair with Samantha’s husband Nick. #LeviChavez
  • Court back in session… State calls Samantha Wheeler to the stand #LeviChavez
  • Taking a recess.. Judge says he told the jury to come in at 10.. so will start back up then #LeviChavez
  • Judge says he will allow the video deposition but audio only, will not allow jurors to see the video.. #LeviChavez
  • McKay says video is relevant– says it goes to motive #LeviChavez
  • McKay says nothing he can find that says redaction is an innapropriate means of admission. #LeviChavez
  • Serna asking judge to exclude video deposition for a number of reasons including what I mentioned previously #LeviChavez
  • btw these motions are being argued without the jury present– they have yet to come into the courtroom this morning. #LeviChavez
  • Serna says the redacted video will be prejudicial, says #LeviChavez just doesn’t look great & you can tell he didn’t want to be there.
  • Arguing another motion.. has to do with video deposition #LeviChavez gave. Serna says State has edited parts out will be misleading.
  • Judge says he is going to check to make sure he can grant Perea immunity, since he is a defense witness they have time. #LeviChavez
  • Bregman/Perea out of chambers.. waiting on the Judge now.. #LeviChavez
  • Judge meeting with Perea/Bregman in chambers now #LeviChavez
  • Serna says all he wants from Perea is for him to testify that he was with #LeviChavez Fri/Sat during their swing shift
  • Bregman says Perea already lost his job with APD bc of this case.. #LeviChavez says he is appealing that decision.
  • Bregman says his client needs some sort of immunity order if he testifies, needs protection– #LeviChavez
  • Sam Bregman, Perea’s attorney arguing Perea has the right to plead the fifth. #LeviChavez
  • Perea was working with #LeviChavez the night Tera is believed to have died.
  • Serna arguing that Russell Perea should be compelled to testify– his attorney says Perea intends to plead the fifth #LeviChavez
  • Waiting for things to get underway here at #LeviChavez Have yet to see Mr. Serna– prosecutors are in place.

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