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June 12th, 2013 at 9:00 am by under Latest Posts

KRQE News 13 Reporter Amanda Goodman is in the courtroom covering the Levi Chavez trial.

Levi Chavez is accused of shooting and killing 26-year-old Tera Chavez with his department-issued handgun in their Los Lunas home, and of trying to make her death look like a suicide because prosecutors say she was about to report him for insurance fraud. He is charged with first-degree murder and evidence tampering.

Live Updates @krqe_agoodman #LeviChavez (most recent updates are displayed first)

  • Ok, the courtroom shenanigans seem to be peaking today.. mistrial motion, tech complaints. Serna is not happy #LeviChavez
  • Judge denies Serna’s mistrial motion.. but will strike statement from Jones that #LeviChavez had something to do w/ him losing case.
  • Serna says Jones does not have a right to implicate #LeviChavez in reasons for why case was taken away from him.
  • Serna says going to ask for a mistrial at this point.. #LeviChavez
  • After quick discussion, Judge calls for a 10 minute break… #LeviChavez
  • Serna not liking this line of questioning.. says “ya know something, lets go to the bench” #LeviChavez
  • Jones says he stopped working for VSCO in 2010 when his supervisor took the #LeviChavez case away from him.
  • State now bringing up phone records… in particular Tera’s phone #LeviChavez
  • Jones says he had a lot of contact with Tera’s parents.. they called him & wanted to meet w/ him to discuss what happened. #LeviChavez
  • Jones said he did show crime scene photos to people he was talking to for “shock value” wanted to get their attention #LeviChavez
  • State now bringing up Nick Wheeler, APD officer who was having an affair with Tera #LeviChavez
  • Sounds like 911 call was turning point for Jones in the case… #LeviChavez
  • Jones says 911 call was concerning to him… but he did not hear it until a few days later. #LeviChavez
  • Court back in session– although again attorneys chatting w/ Judge before jury comes back #LeviChavez
  • Ok lunch break/work break for me #LeviChavez
  • Jones says he got some info., that led him to believe this was not a suicide, including Tera’s dad’s reaction #LeviChavez
  • Jones says a ‘red substance’ was found in toilet bowl but was not collected bc APD officer used the bathroom then flushed #LeviChavez
  • Jones says he did not have to push magazine release mechanism in order to get the magazine out of the gun #LeviChavez
  • Jones now explaining how he removed gun from Tera’s side then had it photographed #LeviChavez
  • Jones says initially they were ‘confused’ about where all the blood was coming from.. bc they did not see an entrance/exit wound #LeviChavez
  • Jones says he felt it was important Levi knew his rights before taking a statement from him that night. #LeviChavez
  • Jones testifies his boss that night told him they were going to do a “scratch & sniff meaning scratch the surface & see if anything stinks”
  • 4th story from Jones now about how he ‘did the right thing’ and was punished for it by law enforcement agency he worked for #LeviChavez
  • just realized my hashtag maybe confusing folks.. I will put them at the end from now on. #LeviChavez
  • Ok, now to Jones’ time at VCSO #LeviChavez said as soon as he got there he wanted to move to detectives
  • Still establishing Jones’ history/background. #LeviChavez says he was pushed out of two different depts. for doing the right thing basically
  • Prosecutor taking Jones through his job now & background/history as an officer #LeviChavez
  • Side note.. it is FREEZING in our little cave. #LeviChavez
  • State has called Aaron Jones to the stand… #LeviChavez he was lead VCSO investigator in the case.
  • Taking care of more logistics/scheduling stuff before jury comes back.. #LeviChavez
  • Spotted Aaron Jones in the hallway… he is up next on the stand after the recess #LeviChavez
  • ok.. real recess now..Judge & attorneys have left the courtroom #LeviChavez
  • Ok.. things getting testy between Serna/McKay again… #LeviChavez has to do with a report finding Jones ‘unfit for duty’
  • … attorney’s getting in a lot of work while jury is out.. bringing up leftovers from a motion yesterday has to do with Jones #LeviChavez
  • Quick cross, O’Connell off the stand… now taking another quick recess. #LeviChavez not sure if Jones will be coming up next…
  • State passed the witness… Serna now questioning O’Connell #LeviChavez
  • O’Connell testifies he never would have gone into the Chavez home had deputies told him there was anything suspicious #LeviChavez
  • O’Connell says he had a personal experience with suicide years ago.. knows how it can affect a family #LeviChavez
  • O’Connell says he asked VCSO if they were going to leave the bloody bedding– asked if he could remove it so family didn’t have to see it
  • O’Connell says Levi stared down at the table and kept saying, “I can’t believe she’s gone” #LeviChavez
  • O’Connell says he went to the scene to offer support/services for the family #LeviChavez because dispatch told him it was a suicide
  • Former APD Lt. Shawn O’Connell on the stand now, he was one of the officers who went to Chavez home. #LeviChavez
  • Ok.. Judge is back.. 2nd witness has arrived he will go before Jones, jury coming in now #LeviChavez
  • …still waiting… #LeviChavez
  • If 2nd witness doesn’t show in a few, Judge says Aaron Jones can take the stand– he was the lead VCSO investigator in the case #LeviChavez
  • Serna not down with that plan.. asks judge to wait a few minutes for 2nd witness to show, Judge agrees #LeviChavez
  • State’s first witness is at a funeral… 2nd witness running late, State wants to put Jones on the stand now #LeviChavez
  • So took a chance & bought the ‘vending machine coffee’ in the courthouse today… its terrible but I will finish it #LeviChavez #coffeeadict

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