The Heat Is On….

June 8th, 2013 at 4:52 pm by under Weather

Temperatures continued to heat up on Saturday and the mercury will be rising into the next work week.  Temperatures will be 5-15 degrees above average for much of the state over the next several days.  Some  parts of the state did pick up a little more rain on Saturday with some widely scattered showers around the Northern Mountains and in Eastern New Mexico.  This was thanks to a back door cold front that ushered in just enough moisture and lift to get some storms to develop.

Unfortunately, we will continue to get drier with only small chance for some pop-up t-storms over the next few days.  More than likely if any storm does develop it will only pick up the wind and produce some lightning.  So dry lightning strikes once again will be a concern.  Plus, with the hot and dry weather the fire danger will remain extremely high.

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