66 Late Night extends weekend service on Central

May 23rd, 2013 at 10:57 am by under Latest Posts

During summer weekends, ABQ RIDE’s 66 Late Night is launching to help Albuquerque residents get to and stay later at fun spots along Central Avenue.

Starting Friday, May 24th, 2013, service on Route #66-Central will be extended by one hour, until 1:00 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays until September 21, 2013.

“66 Late Night can take you to almost any of Albuquerque’s summer hot spots,” said Mayor Richard J. Berry. “And you can save a lot of money by riding the #66 and leaving your car behind.”

66 Late Night utilizes the #66-Central buses, which run from ABQ RIDE’s Park & Ride at Tramway and Wenonah all the way to the Central and Unser Transit Center.

Riders along Central can use this bus to access four of Albuquerque’s main entertainment districts- Old Town, Downtown, Nob Hill and East Central and do so at later hours.

66 Late Night runs every 30 minutes, with the last pickups through Downtown at about 1:00 a.m. The fare is $1 per trip.

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3 Responses to “66 Late Night extends weekend service on Central”

  1. peter cork says:

    Great. Now if they could just clean up the kooks likely to be on the bus at that hour…

  2. Lou says:

    Only way I’d ever ride a bus on Central late at night is if a uniformed, armed cop or security guard is riding too.

  3. Lisa Belinda says:

    Who would dare leave a vehicle at one of the park & rides, AFTER DARK? My hubcaps were all stollen in 3 separate incidents at the Wenonah park and ride in broad daylight. Not to mention how unsafe it is to try and walk to your car safely. There’s no security, and they are using abandoned properties to host those lots in every one I’ve seen personally. Further–the 66 is the WORST bus to ride, any time of day–more crackheads, junkies and gansters than ANY other route in the city, plus the busses have been completely destroyed by that clientele–smell of puke, huffer-stink, seats stained in ways that make it impossible to be seated without worrying about catching something, and tagged and re-tagged by every gang that rides. Now we’ll add the drunken frat boys heading home after spending the evening in one of the many titty bars that predominate downtown, and what a volitile mix THAT will be. Unsafe (and unpleasant) at any speed. I’d rather walk home–it’ll be safer and way less unpleasant.

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