Quiet Weather Ahead…

May 15th, 2013 at 9:58 pm by under Weather

Mostly sunny skies will rule over New Mexico on both Thursday and Friday.  After another day of mountain storms drier air began to push through the state this afternoon.  That dry air will overtake the rest of the state overnight.

Highs will top out in the mid 80′s in the metro area tomorrow while eastern NM will top out near 100°.  Friday will be warm as well with temps statewide 10°-15° above average.  Winds will crank up a bit by Friday as well.  SW winds will top 35 mph at a gust over eastern NM.

The weekend looks interesting at the very least.  A trough will drop down into the mountain west.  If this trough heads as far south as NM it could lead to some showers.  Stay tuned.

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