Gila National Forest begins fire restrictions

May 15th, 2013 at 1:16 pm by under Wildfires

The Gila National Forest, scene of last year’s devastating Whitewater-Baldy Fire, is imposing fire restrictions beginning next week.

The Stage One restrictions begin May 21 and will limit campfires to provided grills and pits in designated campgrounds.

Those campgrounds are:

  • Kingston Campground
  • Juniper Campground
  • PiƱon Campground
  • El Caso Campground
  • Big Horn Campground
  • Cottonwood Campground
  • Pueblo Park Campground
  • Grapevine Campground
  • Lower Scorpion Campground
  • Forks Campground
  • Upper Scorpion Campground
  • Sapillo Campground
  • Upper End Campground
  • Mesa Campground
  • Lake Roberts Picnic Area
  • Apache Creek Campground
  • Little Walnut Picnic Areas
  • Cherry Creek Campground
  • McMillan Campground
  • Iron Creek Campground
  • Upper Gallinas Campground
  • Lower Gallinas Campground
  • Catwalk National Recreation Area

For an updated list of fire restrictions around New Mexico, visit the Wildfires page and click on Forestry Restrictions.

Railroad Canyon Campground

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