UNM to revamp College of Education

May 9th, 2013 at 10:39 am by under Latest Posts

UNM is revamping its College of Education, trying to improve the quality of teachers in New Mexico.

Right now, UNM hands out the highest number of teaching degrees in the state.

But last year, lawmakers found that New Mexico colleges aren’t doing enough to prepare teachers for the classroom.

UNM is making some major changes including appointing a new dean to the College of Education and bring in someone from outside the state who can bring a fresh perspective.

This comes after the dean Richard Howell announced he will step down.

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    We need more Teachers?
    What we need is less teenagers bringing children into the world that eventually become
    a burden on taxpayers.
    Our governor is part of the problem throwing more money at education,when what we need
    is birth control.
    New Mexico is becoming a third world country.

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