Davie in the house at New Mexico

April 23rd, 2013 at 4:15 pm by under Sports

Don’t look for Bob Davie to abandon Lobos Football in the near future. The second year Lobos coach has agreed to a two year extension. The new deal was announced Tuesday and will keep Davie in Lobos cherry and silver through the 2019 season. Of course Lobo fans may be holding out until Davie signs the deal. Afterall, former basketball coach Steve Alford agreed to a 10 year deal to stay with the Lobos.The UCLA Bruins can give you the details on how that worked out for New Mexico. Davie signed a six year 4.5 million dollar contract back in 2011 when he became the Lobos head coach. The financial terms from Davie’s original contract remain unchanged. Some may wonder why a coach would get an extension after only 4 wins in his first season. UNM Vice President of Athletics, Paul Krebs, says it best.
“We are excited about the direction of the Lobo football program on and off the field under coach Davie.”
The Lobos were the most improved team in the nation in scoring margin in 2012, posting an average improvement of over 25 points per game. They also finished the season fifth in the nation in rushing yards with over 300 per game. Throw in the football team grade point average of 2.62 and you see what Krebs was talking about when he made his statement.
Last year’s four win season is the most production seen in these parts in the last 3 years.The Lobos actually had a chance to win in five games that went for a loss. That means with the right break they could have won 9 games in Davie’s first year. But, could have is fantasy and the reality is four wins. In a place that has experienced a drought in the win column, that’s dinner and dessert. So what can Davie deliver in year two of his stay with New Mexico? We will see. If it is anything close to last season, there will be an appetizer with dinner and dessert the next time around.

The University of New Mexico and head football coach Bob Davie have agreed on a two-year contract extension.

The school announced Tuesday that the new seven-year agreement will run through the 2019 season.

New Mexico says the financial terms from Davie’s original contract remain unchanged.

Vice President for Athletics Paul Krebs says school officials are excited about the direction of the Lobo football program on and off the field under Davie.

Davie, a former head coach at Notre Dame, signed a six-year, $4.5 million contract in late 2011 to become the Lobo’s head football coach.

Davie led the Lobos to a 4-9 record during his first season in 2012, producing more victories than the 2009 to 2011 seasons combined.

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