Neal & Alford opposite receptions

April 4th, 2013 at 10:53 am by under Latest Posts, Sports

When Craig Neal was introduced as the new men’s basketball coach at the University of New Mexico, thunderous applause followed. It was quite the opposite for his former boss, Steve Alford, at UCLA. Alford’s press conference was a day before Neal’s. The applause was minimal and it didn’t take the Los Angeles media a long time to put Alford under the hot lamp of srutiny. Two questions into the press conference Alford was asked about his handling of a sexual assault case involving one of his players while he was at Iowa. Let’s just say his answer was less than adequate for the media because the next day the L.A. Times tore into Alford, calling him a robot who did not answer any questions. Meanwhile in Albuquerque, the next day Neal was showered with love from a Lobo Nation that has quickly turned into Noodles Nation. In fact, a groundswell of support for Neal had the locals wearing t shirts to honor him. Someone even set up a Facebook page in support of Neal. Surely none of this would shock Alford. He felt the love when he ran the program. He might even ask himself later, how much did he give up to pursue the pride of life? He had an agreement that he may see in hindsight he should have honored. In this life contentment is a beautiful thing especially if your grass is already green.

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