Neal, The Ideal Candidate?

March 30th, 2013 at 5:59 pm by under Latest Posts, Sports

As Lobos former head coach Steve Alford heads west, all of the speculation is who will fill his cherry sport coat next season? UNM Athletic Director Paul Krebs named Lobos Associate Head Coach Craig Neal, Interim Head Coach…for now.

Although Coach Neal has no head coaching experience at the collegiate level, you have to look at what he’s done for the program as a whole. Neal is a part of a staff that won 4 regular season titles, and 2 mountain west tournament titles running the offensive side of the ball. In the past 5 seasons, the Lobos offense finished in the top 3 in scoring offense.

As the defense-savvy Alford has departed, it’s critical for Neal to stick around for recruiting and the development of talent the Lobos have returning for another run to a possible Sweet 16 berth. Coach Alford continuously endorsed Neal (age 49) as being ready for a head coaching position, while current players Cameron Bairstow & Alex Kirk voiced their consideration to play under Neal.

It’s a no-brainer considering what he’s done for the program as an assistant as well as associate head coach having all 5 starters returning as well as a recruiting class that Neal can convince to stay, may prove to be an easy segue into his first season as a Head Coach. Sometimes you just need someone to take a chance, maybe this is Neal’s shot he’s been waiting for.

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7 Responses to “Neal, The Ideal Candidate?”

  1. ountem says:

    I tend to agree, but we don’t really know much about Neal. Its always been about Alford.

  2. I’ve been on the Neal bandwagon as soon as the Lobos started looking physically larger. He throws out some awesome plays that are sweet in execution. Keep a great coach in place – he’ll take us back to the NCAA’s

  3. Let the initial shock, emotion, and drama wear off… Let Paul Krebs and Tim Cass go to the Final 4 next week and see all the coaches that offer their services or coaches that want this job…

    Then we will see. If nobody spectacular shows up they hire Neal… But if someone knocks their socks off with experience that man will be hired.

    Krebs can’t afford to “take a chance” on someone. He has to get this hire right.

    1. Giddy yep says:

      That would definitely put a bad taste in Neal’s mouth.. to “wait and see” if anybody else shows interest? I’m not saying we should definitely hire the guy, but he may the best option. What other quality coaches do you see becoming available after the season?

  4. David Harris says:

    One question…will Neal be more proud of being a Lobo team member than any other team in the nation, or like Alford, will he be “giddy” about going to a supposed “higher class” school. If Neal shows the same pride in our Lobos as our fans do everyday, then he is our man!

  5. Eddie Lucci says:

    Originally I was pulling for Tony Benford, but the more I thought about it-Coach Neal should be the head coach. He is familiar with the players and has run the offense all these years. I feel for the players more than anyone,they never saw this situation coming. I don’t expect Tony Snell to stay and I pray Tim Myles is still going to be a Lobo. Happy Easter everyone and God bless!!

  6. David W Velasquez says:

    It should have been done already – give the job to Coach Neal. He’s part of the reason some of the players are at UNM, give him a chance to take the Lobos somewhere they have never been – to win a few games during March Madness. So many times haste is waste. GET IT DONE ASAP.

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